Friday, February 1, 2013

TGIF: The world's worst Hen Do edition

please note this post makes reference to the Jan 31 episode on CBC

I've seen some bad bachelorette parties on Coronation Street over the years, but Kirsty's aborted pre-wedding celebration was probably the worst (and that was even before she found Ty's cellphone in the sofa - ed). In fact, I would venture to say that Kirsty's bachelorette celebration was more of a 'Hen Don't' than a 'Hen Do'. (Stop with the bad jokes and get on with it - ed). Anyhoo, let's cut to the chase with a weekly celebration we like to call 'Tony Gordon It's Friday'  or TGIF. our round-up of some of the memorable lines of the week.  Take it away:

Mary shares a family story with Roy who is suffering from back pain:
"Mitty was a martyr to her lumbago"
(I believe she's on the Pope's short list for canonization: Saint Mitty of Lumbago)

Dev struggles to find out from Sunita why she's attracted to Karl:
"Is he good in bed?"
(well, he does spend a lot of time sleeping)

Karl is angry with Sunita:
"You're a manipulative cow"
(Moo-ve on Karl)

Sunita is angry with Karl:
"You're a liar, a gambler and you're cruel"
(and those are his good points)

Mary is prepared to soothe Roy's aching back:
"The liniment is imminent"
(but liquor would be quicker)

Sean is appalled by Kirsty's bad bachelorette party:
"This is the worst hen do"
(just wait till the wedding)

Kirsty is hatching an evil scheme and visits Fiz:
"I don't bite"
(I wouldn't be so sure)

Carla reluctantly agrees to take Rob back at Underworld:
"I'd rather have you in the tent peeing out, rather than other way round"
(why can't he step out of the tent and pee in the washroom like everyone else?)


Well, faithful co-Corrie conspirators. that's it for this edition. Another week, another wedding on the Street. This one should be a doozie. I'm expecting a cross between Carrie, The Shining and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and, if Tyrone's not careful, 'The English Patient'. Have a great weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by and all the best. Cheers!

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