Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tony Gordon It's Not Friday: the Sunita edition

no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Oh My!  I completely lost track of time. Apologies to the faithful few for the tardiness of this week's award-eligible TGIF. I have no excuses except to say that I am still rather shocked by the death of Sunita. All the more shocked since that WOS (Waste of Space™) aka Karl wanders round worming his way into Stella's affections and planning to become the "Big I Am" of the new Rovers.

Okay, enough ranting. Let's get to the memorable lines from last week before this week gets underway.

Sylvia alerts Dennis to the fact that Rita and Norris and Mary have accidentally ingested the magic brownies:
"I am attempting to avert a hallucinatory disaster"
(another Cheech and Chong movie?)

Hayley tries to liven up the Tyrone's freedom party with a little trivia:
"What's George Michael's real name?"
(Mr. WHAM?)

Rita inadvertently offers some space cakes to her guests, Norris and Mary:
"I thought we'd have a little treat"
(..and then listen to my Pink Floyd album)

Dennis sells some munchies to Sylvia at the Kabin:
"That's 12 Kit Kats, is it?"
(that ought to hold her for 30 minutes or so)

Rita wonders why Dennis is lying on the floor with litter:
"What's with all these sweet wrappers all over the place"
(taking inventory?)

Rita has an announcement to make to Roy:
"Roy, your mother's a drug pusher"
(I thought she was a gambler?)

Roy has a leading question for Sylvia:
"Where exactly did you procure the cannabis?"
(You would think the Square Dealers, but actually it was the one o'Clock Club) 

Rita explains Sylvia's actions to Dr. Carter:
"She tried to get my idiot of a husband hooked"
(and it was pretty easy)

Rita explains who Stan is:
"He's a local geriatric drug lord"
(sort of like Pablo Escobar with a pension and a lollipop) 


Well, fellow Corrie aficionados, that's it for the moment. Will someone please arrest Karl? Soon. have  great week and I'll be back here soon. Thanks as always for stopping by and cheers!

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