Monday, June 24, 2013

I kissed a Windass (and I liked it)

please note no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Does Tina McIntyre realize that her baby is 50% Armstrong and 50% Windass? That means the little fella is, genetically speaking, half cowboy builder and half skiver. Nevertheless Tina kissed and cuddled little Jake Windass like he was her own and there's the rub.

Tina and Tommy seem to be on the verge of some hare-brained scheme to keep the baby. I have to admit I would be more sympathetic to Tina if she were not quite so.. well.. stroppy.

Ever since she appeared on Coronation Street (at the clinic and dealing with Gail), Tina has been a prickly, not-very-likeable character. That has been a constant: in her relationship with David, her Dad, following the death of Joe, her brief interlude with Jason then Graeme, her wars with Kirsty and now the surrogacy.

I hope she comes to her senses and lets Gary and Izzy bond with Jake, but my instinct tells me we're in for a long, stroppy ride.  Hang on to your hoop earrings.

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