Friday, June 28, 2013

Tony Gordon, It's Canada Day: the golf trophy edition

please note that no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Oh my! I don't know where to begin. The bad news: I will be skiving this weekend and hence this week's TGIF is very abridged.. (That's the good news - ed). The good news. Karl did not hit Dev over the head with a golf trophy . So, all in all, we're doing okay. How about a few lines from the past week? Well here goes:

Tina announces that she's changed her mind about the surrogacy deal:
"I've decided to keep him"
(Tommy or Jake?)

Deirdre extends the highest level of hospitality to Carla:
"Would you like a chocolate digestive or a hob nob"
(I've have one of each with a flagon of Moet & Chandon on the side)

Everyone is teasing Tracy about her new telemarketing job: 
"I am not a cold caller"
(just a cold-blooded killer)

Tracy's gives it her best shot trying to sell her product over the phone:
"We have a special offer on toilets"
(Buy number one, get number two free)

Marcus makes up with Maria:
"From now on the g-word is banned"
(Ginnel? Golf trophy?)

Tracy defends her decision to become a telemarketer:
"Brad Pitt once gave out flyers dressed as a chicken"
(Some chicken, some neck)

Roy describes Anna's post-modern approach to cooking:
"She is the Jackson Pollock of the griddle"
(She doesn't know much about cooking, but she knows what she likes)

Well, lovers of Corrie, that's it for another week on the Street. Lots of turmoil as Detective Dev searches for the truth, Karl gets nervous with a golf trophy, Tracy and Rob get good paying, prestige jobs (repo man and telemarketer) and Tina ramps up the stroppiness to unheard of levels. Sit tight. Next week should be good. Cheers and thanks for stopping by. 

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