Friday, October 18, 2013

Coronation Street TGIF: the House of Lies edition

please note this post makes reference to the October 17 episode on CBC

Nick's talking and he's not pleased with ol' Davey, Owen got his cash from a deadbeat, Michelle's Dad is visiting for mysterious reasons and Julie wants to be a foster mom. All that can only mean one thing: it's TGIF on Coronation Street, your regular cornucopia of memorable nuggets from the week that was. Dig in!

Michelle is not happy with the advice which Steve is giving to Ryan:
"When it comes to words of wisdom he's a flippin' mute"
(He's like one third of the Blue Man Group)

Leanne gives the latest news about Nick to Audrey:
"He's talking again; he's not making a lot of sense"
(Wait, are we talking about Nick or David?)

Nick's monosyllabic bombshell when seeing photos of baby Lily:
(quick, show him a picture of the Bistro)

Deirdre is in the Kabin looking for the right card to send to Ken, something like...
"Hope everything is alright in Canada..."
(oh it is)

Deirdre has had a skinful and is consuming vast quantities of crisps (chips):
"I'm really warming to smoky bacon"
(it combines two of her favourite things: smoke and bacon)

Gail admits to Kylie that truth has not been a strong point in the Platt household:
"This house is a web of lies"
(well, that explains the leaky roof)

Emily thinks Mary is feeling isolated:
"She must get lonely in that camper van"
(it's called Winnebago Syndrome)

Deirdre wonders about Mary's astrological sign
"I wonder if she's a Cancerian"
(more likely a Libra-rian)

Nick grabs hold of David's arm accusingly:
"You tried to kill me!"
(but it was nothing personal...)

Michelle objects to her father's taste in music:
"Please don't put Meatloaf on again"
(try the hotpot instead)

Well, Corrie Comrades, so ends another week and Nick is still in hospital although he seems to be getting better. I guess having David around is like shock therapy. But where will it all lead? There's only one equitable solution: David will just have to sleep with Leanne. Only then will the equilibrium of the Platt Universe be restored (just don't tell Leanne). Have a great weekend and thanks so much for dropping by. Cheers!

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