Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coronation Street's Nick Tilsley: What's mine is mine

please note this post makes reference to the Oct 15 episode on CBC

It's good to see Nick coming out of his coma but the rehab is going to take some time. The good news is he's starting to speak. The bad news is it's only a couple of words. And, when Leanne shows Nick a photo of baby Lily, Nick just says: "mine". Yikes!  That's not good. But wait a minute, let's not be too hasty. After all, that's just one photo. We need more data. I think Leanne should show Nick a whole series of photos and get his reaction. I think it might go something like this:

Photo of Lily: "Mine"

Photo of Maria Sutherland: "was mine, not mine"
Photo of Underworld:  "was half mine, now not mine"

Photo of Natasha Blakeman:  "Mine-field"
Photo of Eva:  "high mine-tenance"  
Photo of Leanne:  "Mine, not mine, mine, Peter Barlow's, mine"
Photo of David:   "Out of his mine-d"

Photo of Gail:  "Gail who ?"

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