Sunday, April 27, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the indecent proposal edition

please note this post makes reference to the April 25 episode on CBC

Phew! We're not even into round two of the NHL playoffs and Anna has gone ahead and slept with the dastardly Feelin Phelan (Sean Connery's evil brother? - ed). Well this isn't going to end happily, is it?

"Hey Owen, guess what, I got a new contract from Phelan."
"Really? How'd you manage that?"
"Oh you know, the usual. Met him at a seedy hotel, yatta yatta yatta. Then he put his pants back on and we left."

You see what I mean? Then again, things aren't working out for anyone these days. Peter's reaching for the bottle. Lloyd (or his evil twin with the goatee - ed) is being messed around by Andrea. Ty's got Kirsty to worry about and so on. Let's just take a peek at the lines from last week, shall we?

Beth explains why she was staring at Eva's chest:
"I was just giving her boobs the once over"
(come back in half an hour - it could take a while)

Beth makes her life-changing announcement to Kirk:
"I'm having me boobs augmented"
(whoa! Let's not rush into anything, Beth. Why not start with one and see how it goes?)

Beth sees Craig's pet in the dining area: 
"Keep the rat off the table"
(I didn't even know Todd was in the house)

Kirk describes Beth's proposed augmentation surgery:
"An inauguration"
(Yeah, except that I doubt that Barack Obama will be speaking on this occasion)

Todd explains his bad behaviour to Eileen:
"I can't help it if I'm damaged"
(pity Eileen didn't get him from Costco; she could get a refund)

Michelle is dubious about Steve's claims of fidelity:
"What if Beyonce walked in and ordered a pint?"
(Peter Barlow would probably try it on in the smoking shelter)


Well, Corrie Co-conspirators, that's it for another week. I continue to resist the temptation to rush home on weekdays and watch Corrie at 3 p.m. Instead, I record it and watch it at the traditional sacred hour since time immemorial (7:30 p.m. Eastern). Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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