Sunday, May 4, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: 21st Century Alky edition

please note this post makes reference to the May 1 episode on CBC

You know you've hit rock bottom when Steve McDonald is instructed to babysit you and prevent you from drinking. That's what it's come down to for Peter Barlow, self-described 21st century alky. Can things get worse? Do kebabs come with hot sauce? Is Norris a busybody?  Is Kal fit? (get on with it - ed)

Anyhoo, feast your eyes on a few lines from the week:

Peter lays down the law to Tina:
"I'm here to talk, that's all"
(and by 'talk', I mean legover)

Julie says her intuition tells her that Todd is missing Marcus:
"I've got the third eye"
(unfortunately the third eye is blind)

Carla to Peter:
"Are you scared of having this baby?"
(Not really. it's the legover with Tina which is freaking him out)

Carla tells Rob that Steve is babysitting Peter:
"That's like leaving the monkey in charge of the bananas"
(and the bananas have tattoos)

Mary describes her day to Maria and David:
"I started my morning with tai chi on the red rec"
(just the two of you?)

Mary again:
"My single whip is a sight to behold"
(too much information)

Mary once more:
"If there's one thing I cannot tolerate it's sweaty follicles"
(Sweaty Follicles? Weren't they the opening act for the Sex Pistols?)

Todd to Maria re: her cellphone assault:
"Hope you've got a good lawyer"
(i.e. not Todd)

Tracy to Deirdre:
"Carla has handbags worth more than your house"
(and with less stuff inside)

Deirdre fells bad for Peter:
"Poor old Peter; his liver must be pickled"
(she'll drink to that)

Well, fellow Street Urchins, so ends another week. The spectre of Kirsty could be trouble for Ty (not to mention Maria). Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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