Wednesday, May 7, 2014

If Coronation Street's Leanne Battersby was on LinkedIn...

please note this post makes reference to the May 6 episode on CBC

No wonder Eva was having a hard time trying to summarize Leanne's CV  - while doing stretching exercises (and trying to avoid a wardrobe malfunction - ed) at the gym.  It seems that Kal's domineering Dad wants to know about Leanne's "checkered" past and Eva did her best to supply the highlights but she wasn't clear on the facts. Let me help...


Junior Barmaid at Rovers Return
responsibilities: pulling pints, restocking pork scatchings inventory and flirting with punters

Drug Addict
responsibilities: procure and use cocaine

Senior Belly Dancer & Erotic Dance Specialist
responsibilities: planning, choreographing and implementing belly dance routines

Professional Escort
responsibilities: organizing sexual liaisons with paying punters (including Carla's first husband) under an assumed name

Restaurateur & Arsonist
responsibilities: owning and operating an Italian restaurant, devising innovative, accelerant-based ways of solving financial challenges 

Associate Bookie & Gambling Consultant
responsibilities: filling in for boss during alcohol-related absences and secret legovers

Bistro Professional
responsibilities: managing day-to-day operations of Nick's Bistro while Nick recovers from coma caused by his brother's attempt to kill him

note: you can find extensive background info on Leanne at excellent websites including Wikipedia and Corriepedia 


  1. Well, when you put it THAT way.........

    I can't wait for the confrontation between Kal & Sharif. How does a practising Muslim even describe such things?!

  2. I don't think we'll have to wait long now that Leanne and Kal have had their first lip lock... Thanks for the comment and all the best.