Saturday, May 10, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the black flaming widow edition

please note this post makes reference to the May 9 episode on CBC

It's tough to keep tabs of exactly who's in rehab these days... but on Coronation Street, it's Peter Barlow -- which is a shame because he'll miss the big news about Tracy and Rob getting engaged. Oh well, let's wish the happy couple all the best till death do them part (could be sooner than you think - ed). Still, with all the relationship trouble brewing (Ty & Fiz, Leanne & Nick, Owen & Anna), it's nice to see one couple with so much in common (prison? police charges? - ed). How about a few memorable lines from the week that was?

Carla reflects upon her husband:
"If the booze doesn't kill him, I will." 
(sounds like a race)

David defends his hair styling efforts on one of his customers:
"It's not my fault she looks like Harry Potter"
(next time, give her a Dumbledore perm)

Carla reflects upon her dubious track record with deceased lovers like Liam, Tony and Frank
"I'm like the black flaming widow"
(well, at least you look good in black)

Deirdre is impressed with Tony's knowledge of hair dryers:
"For a man with no hair you certainly know a lot about hairdressing"
(who said he had no hair?)

Steve insists that his kitchen activities are manly:
"Baking cakes is the new football"
(Steve's the Wayne Rooney of Bundt cakes)

Kal recounts a joke about a guy who walks into the gym and says, 'If I lift your biggest dumb bell, can I join for free'
"And I said, sorry mate, Dev's not in"
(Ta dum. Kal will be here all week)

Deirdre is taken aback by Tracy's announcement that she is engaged, so Tracy spells it out:
"Like a public toilet"
(good analogy... and apt too)

Gail insists on interpreting for Leanne what Nick expects when Leanne offers him leftover casserole:
"Casserole means you"
(which means Gail is chopped liver?)

Nick pops the question:
"Leanne will you stay married to me?"
(actually the status quo is status 'no')

Deirdre wonders why Rob wants to marry her daughter:
"Tracy is like asparagus, an acquired taste"
(except that sometimes people grow to like asparagus)

Deirdre is thinking about wedding outfit colours:
"I'm considering puce"
(Wait? You said puce a with 'c', right?)

Well, Corrie Connoisseurs, so ends another week where relationships everywhere are on the rocks. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week. See you soon. Cheers! 

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