Friday, June 6, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the Gailanator edition

please note this post makes reference to the June 5 episode on CBC

Yes it's the Gailanator, a mythical fairground midway ride coined by none other than Gail herself as a joke. Of course, if there were a real ride called the Gailanator, it would make you feel guilty rather than giddy. But I digress... How about a look back down memory ginnel lane for a gander at some of the lines of the week.

Peter sums up his negative points to Carla:
"I'm a loser"
(tough to argue with that)

David can't believe the extent of Maria's crazy antics:
"It's like something I'd do"
(Not that nutty, surely)

Carla's maternal hormones seem to be driving her purchases:
"I can't believe I bought a teddy bear"
(I can, after all, you did marry Peter and he's less useful)

Beth is proud to announce that no enhancement has taken place in Latvia:
"100% Tinker. 100% woman"
(That's 200%)

Beth changed her mind about cosmetic surgery at the last minute:
"It took a few choice words but I managed to get some of my money back from the Latvians"
(she threatened to revoke their EU membership)

Beth again, to Kirk:
"I dreamed I was kidnapped by aliens last night"
(wait, wait, I know this one. When you woke up, your pillow was gone?)

Sally is strutting her managerial stuff at the factory and lording it over Izzy:
"I might think up some buzzwords"
(is 'obnoxious' one of them?)

Audrey tries to reassure a a customer about Maria's arrest:
"Not all my stylists are in trouble with the local constabulary"
(But most are)

Michelle tries to coax secrets from Owen and Kal:
"What happens in the Rovers stays in the Rovers"
(especially indigestion from hotpots)

Peter tries to ridicule Rob's sleuthing:
"So a pen means we're having an affair?"
(Get to the ballpoint, Rob)

Leanne tells Eva she is browsing the web:
"I'm looking at Kal's Facebook page"
(and she's all a-Twitter)

Rob tells Peter he's sniffed out his illicit affair but doesn't want to upset Carla:
"Your dirty little secret's safe"
(I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific)


Well, Fellow Corriephiles, so ends another week with Peter well and truly rumbled by Rob. What will he do now?  And will Anna ever tell Owen the truth? Will Craig take care of Ozzy while Maria's gone? More importantly, will Darryl the Rat get along with Ozzy the Dog? Only time will tell. Till then, have a great week and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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