Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Overcrowding crisis at Eileen's house on Coronation Street

no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Everyone knows there's hardly room to swing a cat in Eileen's house, but now it's just plain absurd with the ever-expanding platoon of heterosexual and homosexual lodgers including: Jason, Sean, Eva, Todd and now Marcus. If you include Eileen (after all it is her house) that makes six people in one small house.

How on earth does that work?  Eva and Jason in one bedroom. Eileen in one bedroom. Sean in one bedroom. And now Todd and Marcus in another bedroom. Unless Eileen and Sean are sharing a bedroom (a new plot twist perhaps? - ed), the math doesn't add up.

And, even if the math did add up bedroom-wise, it would still be intolerable. You'd have to make an appointment to use the bathroom. You'd have to eat breakfast in shifts at that tiny two person table. You'd even have to reserve a place on the sofa.

Isn't it time that Jason and Todd moved out and each found a place of their own? After all, Jason now owns a builder's yard. Eva works at the factory. Marcus works at the hospital and Todd pretends to work at Streetcars. That's four incomes. Time for kids to move on -- and move out (especially Todd).


  1. I long ago accepted that I just have to suspend disbelief about a lot of things, when watching Corrie. The Tardis nature of the houses on that street is only one area. Eileen's house is only one of several with expanding walls. Where are all the bedrooms in David/Kylie/Gail's house, or Anna/Owen's, or Chesney/Sinead's, and even Dierdre's or Leanne/Eva's must be pretty tight when the kids are there. At least the Rover's isn't as crowded as it once was, Sally's is more spacious now that Sophie's out, and Maria's is downright roomy now that there's just her, Liam & Ozzy.

    1. Thanks for the comment. You're right of course about suspending disbelief and most of the time I'm happy to do it (Gail's many psycho husbands etc.etc.). Interestingly, the Tardis in Dr. Who always bothered me. I was happy to suspend disbelief about time travel but I never could get my head around that police phone booth! All the best.