Thursday, October 9, 2014

Coronation Street's Best New Character: Loopy Lulu

please note this post makes reference to the October 8 episode on CBC

Attention Coronation Street producers! You've finally done it. You've found a character with the chutzpah of Mike Baldwin, the intellectual heft of Roy Cropper, the athleticism and good looks of of Kal and the fashion panache of Liz McDonald.  I'm talking about Loopy Lulu. Loopy Lulu was the purple ostrich puppet which made its blockbuster debut on Wednesday's episode of Corrie on the arm of Julie Carp.

Julie, substitute babysitter for Dev's kids and frenemy of Crazy Mary, arrives at Dev's with Loopy Lulu and the puppet steals the scene. I haven't seen such energy, conviction and drama since Jack Duckworth lost a pigeon. Now that we finally have a fresh, new character on the Street, it's time to build on that success with plots like:

Loopy Lulu is arrested, sent to jail and confronts Big Jim in an ugly shower scene
Loopy Lulu has a torrid affair with Kal resulting in a catfight with Leanne on an elliptical machine which ends badly
Loopy Lulu gets a job as a machinist at Underworld but suffers an unfortunate accident involving a sewing machine and polyester thread

Bottom line? Please give us more Loopy Lulu (and less Gail & Michael) in upcoming episodes.


  1. I think I would care more about what happens to that Loopy Lulu puppet "character" if those scenarios took place than I do about some of the scenes CS has had lately.

    Thanks for providing such funny posts to read!

    1. There's definitely a transition going on these days on Corrie (as evidenced by the introduction of Callum). You know the show has lost momentum when you're happy to see Norris in a storyline! On the other hand maybe things will pick up now that Ken and Kevin are back. All the best and thanks for the nice comment.