Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Announcing the Coronation Street song lyrics contest

please note: no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

It's January and it's cold... so what better time to announce a worldwide contest to write the best lyrics for the legendary Coronation Street theme song? (Apparently, back in the 60s, the song did have lyrics but they were dropped). So, it's time to come up with some new words to go with that classic tune which is music to our ears (get on with it! - ed).

What's in it for you, you might ask? Recognition and adulation in the world's most popular Coronation Street blog... or this one (probably this one). And a guest blog on any topic you wish (except Norris) or, if you prefer, you can mandate the Blanche's Polish Hip team to write about any Corrie topic you want (except Norris).

But, Corrie, you say, it's hard to come up with lyrics. Well, to get you started, we asked some of the world's top performers to come up with some examples. Here are the fake results. Get inspired and get writing! .

Michael Bublé:
This show is cool ya know
I think it's hip and so
watch it tonight
for a cat fight
...yeah that is right, I said 'fight'

Arcade Fire
We like to watch TV
only ironically
Corrie's our fave
we miss Ma-ve
...she was Rita's best mate

Bono from U2
I broke my arm and so
watched lots of Corrie show
Edge likes it too,
so should you
....cause this Street has a name


  1. Off to the Rovers for
    Hot pots and pints galore
    Liz will be there
    With her massive hair
    ...and all the punters too...

  2. Hey thanks for the entry. So far yours is the best. Cheers!