Monday, February 23, 2015

Coronation Street TGIF: the poultry whisperer edition

a look back at the week that was on Canada's Coronation Street

Sorry about the tardiness, fellow Corriephiles. I got tied up on the weekend (Sounds like '50 Shades of Who Cares' - ed) and neglected my prime duty.

That's my excuse, but there's no excuse for the inane storyline about Faye being pregnant. Haven't we already suffered through the issue of teen pregnancy when Sarah Louise Platt got pregnant? Why do we need a rerun? This is going to be an excruciating story and completely unnecessary. Worse still, Corrie writers missed a great chance to do something interesting with the characters of Craig and Faye. Instead they opted for a tired old tome. Sigh.
Speaking of the Armstrong/Windass clan, looks like Owen's ex-wife, the lovely Linda, is sticking around to reconnect with Izzy and Katie. Owen doesn't like it.

Steve is up and down depression-wise. Roy finally scatters Hayley's ashes. Sharif thinks he's a poultry whisperer now that his hens are laying - except that the eggs are being placed by Kal. Dev is going to Mumbai to help the needy, leaving Julie and Crazy Mary to fight about their role in looking after the children and the shop in his absence. Michael is on the mend after heart surgery, Callum is making a nuisance of himself and Kylie is still missing.
Onward with a few lines from the week that was:

Roy recites a few lines of poetry while scattering Hayley's ashes:
"Still are thy pleasant voices, thy nightingales, awake;
For Death, he taketh all away, but them he cannot take."

(William Johnson Cory, Ionica -1891)

Liz thinks Amy has an odd list of birthday presents:
"What 11 year-old asks for a mani pedi?"
(Tracy's daughter)

Yasmeen complains after Sharif drops a bowl of food on the floor:
"If that man tinkers with my marinated meat one more time"
(you heard the woman; leave her meat alone)

Linda tells Owen that she's sticking around:
"I'm going nowhere"
(funny, that's what Streetcars customers usually say)

Sharif proclaims his poultry success to Gail:
"I just had my first egg"
(...from Freshco's)

Liz complains to Michelle about the odd names of today's kids:
"There's a girl in Amy's class called Boston"
(hopefully her last name isn't 'Pizza')

Text on Linda's business card:
Villas con un sorriso
(translation: I hate Owen)

Norris is exacting about his Streetcars taxi reservation:
"I want my journey home from the chiropodist to be an especially comfortable one"
(try walking)

Owen tries to convince Katie that Linda is no good:
"Your mother will always think of number one"
(what about number two?)

Audrey tries to explains Kylie's absence to a customer:
"Our nail technician is away for the moment"
(please hold and another cuticle representative will be with you shortly)

Craig uses the Internet to discover Faye's condition:
"Are you pregnant?"
(sadly, yes)

Julie quoting a famous poet:
"I believe the children are our future"
(by Alfred Lord Houston, I believe)

Well, patient punters, that's it for last week. Thanks for visiting and brace yourself, I have a feeling it's going to be a stressful week on the Street. Cheers!

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  1. That was my first thought about the Faye storyline too. Been there, done that with Sarah Louise. Please spare us from the same story all over again. And isn't having Katy drop out of school and be saddled with a kid already one teenage mom too many for that family. Fingers crossed that Anna will find out in time for Faye to "get rid", although surely that would be unnecessarily strung out too.