Saturday, June 13, 2015

Coronation Street TGIF: the Jeff from Dubai edition

a look at at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

The fallout from the fire continues as the Nazirs and Leanne mourn the death of Kal, while Sophie and the Websters try to deal with the death of Maddie. Carla is persona non grata as everyone believes that her chardonnay haze prompted the careless candle which started the fire.

Elsewhere, Craig is disappearing mysteriously in the evening and falling asleep in class. It looks like Eileen has a cornucopia of online beaus except that Jeff from Dubai seems to be mostly engineered by Todd from Weatherfield. What's wrong with that nice Adrian fella anyway?  Anyhoo looks like Todd has engineered a collision course for the dating threesome.

On the Dev front, there's something up. The Devster is back from India but before you can say aloo gobi, he gets a call from a mysterious woman. Now he wants to have a serious chat with Julie in the Bistro. Hmm. Jenny Bradley has hidden her wig and is hiding her plans to kidnap Baby Jack but Sophie is suspicious.

Last and least, we have the never-ending Platt saga. The truth has finally come out. Real Gavin is dead. Fake Gavin is Andy. Everyone was in on the con. Michael storms out of Chez Platt and takes refuge at Eileen's where he wears an ugly Xmas sweater. Ho ho ho!

Now for some lines from the week that was:

Ken is furious to learn about Tracy's deceit:
"When are you going to stop wrecking people's lives?"
(how about after the Qatar World Cup?)

Fake Gavin makes a fake confession to Michael:
"I used to smoke"
(but then he pretended to give it up)

Gail tries to explain to Michael why photos of his son look nothing like Andy:
"The teenage years can be so transformative"
(yes, you could easily become a different person)

Michael to Andy:
"Which one of you is my son, him or you?"
(can I get back to you on that?)

Bethany learns that Andy is a fake:
"No offence but you're a total whack-job"
(none taken)

Michael cannot believe the extent of Gail's duplicity:
"My son was dead and you let me celebrate his birthday?"
(it sounds bad when you put it like that)

Todd to Eileen after hearing that Michael has walked out on his wife:
"I never though I'd be interested in Gail McIntyre's love life"
(It's an acquired taste)

Julie tells Mary she is convinced that Dev is going to pop the question:
"Carpe diem Mary!"
(aka Seize the Dev)


Well, fellow Watchers of Weatherfield, so ends another week as we all try to adjust to life without Dev and Maddie. Will Jenny implement her baby hi-jacking of Jack? Will Dev dump Julie? Will the truth ever come out about Tracy's nocturnal visit to Carla's apartment? Will Kylie return to David? We can only wait for next week's episodes to find out. In the meantime, have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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  1. I love it when you go all topical references on us: "Qatar World Cup"!