Saturday, June 20, 2015

Coronation Street Weekender: The Preggers Cougar edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Hoo boy! The week started with Toddissimo the Terrible completing his evil escapade by revealing the truth about the fictitious Jeff in Dubai and ending Eileen's chances of happiness with that nice Adrian from Weatherfield.

Then, for an encore, Todd tells Jason that he masterminded the Eva breakup. But wait, there's more. Eileen tries to have a consolation legover with Michael and he winds up in hospital with a heart episode.

In other news, Craig is up to something and it looks like graffiti - either that or he's restoring furniture at night. On the Webster front, it's all very sad as preparations are underway for Maddie's funeral. Meanwhile Crazy Jenny Bradley is taking off in a taxi with Baby Jack. Another day, another Webster kidnapping. Oh well, at least this time it's not Rosie.

Kylie is back and trying to make nice with David. David's not that keen but thinks maybe Kylie can help him win the custody battle with Callum.

Michelle is also back and apparently she had a 'good time' with Steve (several 'good times' actually - ed). Steve's staying on in Spain to visit with his brother Andy. Isn't that nice? Sooner or later I have a feeling that everyone in the McDonald family will end up in Spain - except Big Jim who will stay in el penitentione.

Dev is avoiding telling Julie about his true feelings and, last and certainly least, Brian's back. I guess Wales didn't pan out after all.

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Todd reassures Adrian that Eileen will love the tickets he bought for a show:
"Who's going to say no to Michael Buble?"
(You'd be surprised)

Todd explains why he hates his family:
"You're all two-faced spineless sheep"
(as opposed to a venomous toad?)

Jason to Todd:
"How did you get so cruel?"
(the same way you get to Carnegie Hall: practice)

Jason has no patience for Todd's excuses:
"Put your gay violin away"
(It's like a regular violin but sounds fabulous) 

Eileen can't believe her son's vile behaviour:
"How could I have given birth to someone with such hatred?"
(probably with an epidural)

Michael confides to Eileen about Gail:
"Why did I have to break into her house?"
(just lucky I guess)

Michael starts to get turned on by Eileen:
"Anyone can see that you're a handsome woman"
(damned with faint praise)

Eileen has to fess up to the doctor about the circumstances of Michael's heart episode:
"He was lying on top of me"
(it's was like bunk beds without the infrastructure) 

Tracy to Liz re: Tony's rent-a-thugs:
"He popped in here for a quickie with me when they were terrorizing you"
(but it's nothing personal) 

Carla gives Michelle an update on Nick:
"He and his preggers cougar are at their baby's first scan"
(talk about the miracle of birth!)


Well, faithful followers, so ends another week. To summarize: that's one funeral, one hospitalization and one kidnapping. Yep, that's Coronation Street. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!


  1. Forgot to mention Simon's try at domestic abuse! His reward? A trip to France and EuroDisney - great job, Leanne!

  2. Yes, you're right. I was watching the omnibus today and actually quite a lot happened last week. I did think Simon's rapid descent into junior yobbishness was out of character but I'm sure a trip to EuroDisney will solve everything. Thanks for the reminder and all the best.

  3. Oh, boy! Another euphemism -"bunk beds without the infrastructure" Can't wait to use it!!