Saturday, July 25, 2015

Coronation Street Weekender: the big pottery class in the sky edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Here's my take-away from last week: The Barlows (with all their foibles) are infinitely more interesting than the Platts (with all their foibles).

Deirdre's funeral was the centrepiece of the week with Ken's simmering anger toward Tracy (for trying to take the pub from Liz and thus causing anguish and shame for Deirdre). Ken delivers a stirring, emotional eulogy. Nina Simone is played. The Street denizens gather at the Rovers afterwards to reminisce and inform a surprised Michael that Ken was/is in fact a ladies' man.

Peter misses the funeral but Tracy's ex-husband makes a surprise appearance, comforts his ex-wife and is then caught by Ken in a post-funeral flagrante legover with Tracy on the sofa. The tension between Ken and Tracy finally explodes just as Peter shows up, delayed due to British Rail (they're invariably to blame for all misfortune).

Meanwhile, at the Rovers, the usual crowd is reminiscing about Deirdre and Ken. There is tension between Bev and Audrey (long story, but essentially Bev's fiance - Fred - had a heart attack and died in Audrey's house just before the wedding). Anyhoo, no hard feelings, could have happened to anyone etc. etc.

Liz is wondering about the tension between Dan (the ex-John) and Leanne (the ex-escort).

Platt-wise? Ugh. David tries another wacko scheme to expose Callum as the slimy drug dealer that he is. Bethany continues to extort money and favours from Callum in return for not telling Sarah the truth about him. And, in an unrelated story, Norris eats a bad kipper

Now for some lines of the week;

Liz recounts why Deirdre sought refuge in The Rovers after Ken returned from the Great White North:
"She couldn't take any more facts and figures about Canada"
(not even Potash production figures from 1990 to 2000?) 

Ken tells Tracy he doesn't want Deirdre to be buried with her mementos:
"It's a coffin not a time capsule"
(yes, coffins are bigger)

Ken again to Tracy:
"If selfishness were an Olympic sport, you'd be standing on the podium every 4 years waving your gold medal at the crowd"
(actually, most of the Barlows would probably do quite well)

Tracy does the introductions at Deirdre's funeral:
"Steve, this is my ex-husband Robert. Robert, this is my ex-husband Steve"
(nice to meet you)

Emily to Norris regarding the cause of his upset stomach:
"There's a reason why kippers have expiry dates"
(because they taste better afterwards?)

Ken to Tracy:
"You are the author of your own misfortune"
(and it's a very long book)

Michael re:Ken:
"Ken never struck me as the womanizing type"
(oh and by the way, the Pope is keen on Catholicism)

Tracy fires back at Ken's behaviour:
"What about that love boat down the canal?"
(a love barge actually)

Peter to Tracy:
"Everybody in this family has made mistakes"
(that's like saying Sepp Blatter has a bit of a credibility problem)


Well, devotees of Deirdre, so ends another week and quite a dramatic week it was. Nice to see Peter back. Hope he sticks around. Looks like Carla's gambling is becoming a problem, another vice to add to her collection. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week!

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