Saturday, August 1, 2015

Coronation Street Weekender: the sleazy curb crawler edition

A look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Let's get right to it.
Ken has retired his kimono.
Robert is courting Tracy with a delicious stuffed marrow (no disrespect).
Carla's gone to Madrid. ("I'll take one card and three tapas")

Tracy's trying to be a better person.
Gail is trying to seduce Michael with a Battenberg cake.
Roy passed his driving test but is snubbing Cathy.

Kev's pal is retiring and wants to sell his garage.
I think Tim has a mancrush on Kev. (don't ask, it's complicated)
Tony is back.

And, after Leanne spilled the beans about Dan's unsavoury sexual preferences, ol' Dano has gone berserk and taken Liz, Simon and Leanne hostage. Liz and Simon escape but Leanne is still trapped.

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Peter to Ken (who is now wearing a regular bathrobe}
"What happened to the kimono?"
(I guess you could say 'sayonara')

Dan threatens Leanne:
"I'm not going to let some bitter little whore spoil what I have with Liz"
(you can do that all by yourself)

Liz is astonished to learn the truth about Dan:
"I'm going out with a sleazy curb crawler"
(Tony's starting to look better and better)

Carla can't believe the kindness of Roy:
"Is there a statue of you in a church somewhere?"
(yes, it's the one with the anorak)

Gail tries to seduce Michael with cake:
"I've a Battenberg in the tin"
(If that's a euphemism, I don't want to know)

Despicable Dan reveals the truth about Leanne to poor Simon:
"Do you know what a prostitute is?"
(can you give me a hint?)

Well, Corrie compadres, so ends another week on the Street with another crisis situation brewing. Will Leanne escape the clutches of Dan? Will Liz, Simon and Leanne be able to get their cell phones replaced? Did they have extended warranties? Do the warranties cover stomping damage caused by a disgruntled, violent John?  We'll find out next week. Till then have a great week and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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  1. After seeing what Eileen did to the Battenburg leftover, let's hope it's not a euphemism.
    With the attitude toward their cell phone that so many people have, I can't imagine the companies would risk coverage for stomping (or throwing, or dunking, or hammering, or shooting, etc. etc.).