Saturday, July 11, 2015

Coronation Street Weekender: the Piri Piri Beret edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

So Talisa is gay? Hmm. I'm pretty sure that Dev referred to her ex as 'he' on more than one occasion. How come she didn't correct him? Well, anyway, I'm sure some senior exec lost her/his job at ITV because of that massive gaffe.

Anyway, the point is that Dev looks like a fool. He declared his love for Talisa. Julie overheard. Talisa plays for the other team. Now Julie is devastated and Brian is hopeful, and swanning around with a vat of Ken Barlow's cologne (eau de pseudo-intellectual by Axe, I presume - ed).

Elsewhere Steve is back and feeling great... until Liz tells him that Tony wangled a 50% ownership of the Rovers and has since done a runner. But don't worry, Liz has a plan which involves taking 'Shelfies' at the Tat Shop and calling the police and getting Tracy arrested (so far, so good - ed). 

Erica and Nick have an amicable parting of ways (it's not you it's Gail - ed)). Speaking of Gail, she had a primo prize fight with Eileen (over Michael) which started in the salon ("The Tawdry in Audrey's" - ed) and ended up on the cobbles. Luckily Norris was sweeping the Street and got an eyeful. Afterwards Gail tried to make nice with Michael but was rebuffed..

Finally, Roy is summoned to Cathy's house only to find bailiffs outside and Cathy telling everyone to stay away. Sounds like something is amiss.

And now some lines from the week:

Tracy to Julie re: Dev's romantic track record:
"That man has had more women than Rod Stewart"
(and the same wardrobe)

Talisa to Dev after he tells her that he must have got the wrong end of the stick re: their love connection:
"There was no stick in the first place"
(how many romances have been cruelly ended by a lack of stick?)

Julie threatens Talisa with her gourmet Portuguese gourmet meal:
"Don't. Not unless you want a Piri Piri beret"
(wasn't that a song by Prince?)

Talisa to Julie:
"I'm gay"
(Does that mean that Yogalates is cancelled?) 

Steve is angry with Tony:
"He can't just con me out of half me pub and get away with it"
(according to Coronation Street law, I'm afraid he can)

Lloyd is shocked by Eileen's exploits with Gail's husband:
"It's like 50 Shades of Grey and I'm not talking about Michael's hair"
(it's definitely a grey area)

Julie commiserates with Eileen:
"Do you think all men are plonkers?"
(Hmm, let me think about it)

Erica writes a limerick while watching Jason:
"There was a young man with a glass"
(what rhymes with 'Mr. Gay Weatherfield'?)


Well, punter pals, so ends another week with Tracy on the wrong side of the law. Will Michael forgive Gail? Will Nick and Carla get together? Will Liz extract her revenge on Tony?  Will we watch the Pan Am games? Only time will tell. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

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