Saturday, August 8, 2015

Coronation Street Weekender: the never-ending Adele song edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

It was something that caused unprecedented outrage on the other side of the Atlantic and, now that Robert's wife has finally made her appearance on Canada's Corrie, the shocking truth can be revealed: Joni can't act.

Thespian travesty aside, Robert gets the heave ho after Tracy discovers he's married and has been lying and cheating and scheming (that's her job - ed).

Yikes. Anyhoo, elsewhere Tony is still skulking around. Gail makes a play for Michael but he chooses Eileen. Bethany's summer schedule seems to involve drinking, having her inaugural spliff and doing drug deliveries with Callum. Then there was a police raid at the Dog and Gun (I hear they do a lovely brunch - ed). Nice wholesome way to spend the hols.

Tim proposes to Sally and she says "yes", but can't help admiring Kevin and his suit for expanding the backstreet garage empire (Kev, not the suit - ed).

It looks like Sinead, Chesney, Beth, Kirkie, Ty & Fiz are going to Wales for a camping trip (sounds like a spin-off series). Simon is getting more sullen and difficult now that he knows the truth about Leanne's past. Roy passes his driving test and finally phones Cathy after giving her the cold shoulder.

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Tony tries to explain his affair to Liz:
"Tracy was pulling all the strings"
(yes, but you were the one having puppet sex)

Robert tells Ken he's giving Tracy some culinary training:
"I'm giving her a much needed master class"
(but when do you start teaching her to cook?}

Gail to Eileen re: her relationship with Michael
"It was supposed to be platonic"
(and now it's ironic)

Gail to Michael re:Eileen:
"That witch has brainwashed you"
(which witch?)

Tony to Robert re: Tracy:
"I'd do a runner now mate, she's poison"
(quick, induce vomiting... if it hasn't happened already)

Tim proposes to Sally:
"Sally Webster, you're gorgeous, funny and clever  and way too good for a bloke like me"
(go on, she's listening)

Beth to Robert re: his infidelity:
"What kind of bloke cheats on his wife at a funeral?"
(a gravedigger?)

Beth again:
"Turns out Master Chef is more of a super rat"
(you can be both. Just ask Gordon Ramsay) 

Tracy complains to Robert about her life's misfortunes: 
"Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in a never-ending Adele song"
(Skive-fall? Chasing payments?}

Well, watchers of Weatherfield, so ends another week. Poor Gail. Another fella gone and this one winds up in the arms of arch enemy Eileen Grimshaw. Oh cruel fate! And what of the antics at the Dog and Gun where 'hot pot' generally means stolen marijuana. Nice place to play billiards (if the cues aren't being used as weapons). Must run. Thank you for visiting our humble blog and have a great week. 

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