Saturday, August 15, 2015

Coronation Street Weekender: the Sure and Certain Pregnancy Kit edition

a look back at the week that was on Canada's Coronation Street

Yep. She's sure and certain. Alya finally confirmed her worst fears. She's pregnant and the father is Mr. Gay Weatherfield aka Jason. (tip: next time don't use the factory loo for do it yourself testing -ed). This development could certainly a put a crimp into upcoming wedding plans with Gary but so far only Sinead knows.

Over at the Websters, Tim is getting sick of Sally constantly banging on about Kevin's ambition and Tim's lack of. On the hoarding front, Roy, Ty, Fiz and Ches try to clear out some of the junk in Cathy's house (after she has a nasty encounter with a toppling pile of stuff). Long story short, Cathy is now staying at Roy's.

Plattwise, Gail is pining for Michael while Michael is gettin' it on with Eileen (watch out for that dodgy ticker). Meanwhile Sarah gets an inkling from Gemma about Bethany's activities at the Dog and Gun. Robert is back on the scene along with his thespian-challenged wife.

And they're back: Carla is back from 'Spain' (her code word for Las Vegas) and she's got a big credit card bill.  Michelle is concerned. Oh and Max found a gun in his Dad's flat and is pointing it at Callum.

Now for some lines from the week that was:

Tim complains about Sally dropping Kevin's name all the time:
"She drops the K bomb like there's no tomorrow" 
(sounds worse than the F bomb)

Sean is put off his breakfast by Michael and Eileen's lovey dovey antics:
"Some things are not designed to go with Rice Krispies"
(Snap, Crackle & Yuk)

Sally explains to an Underworld customer why Alya suddenly ran to the washroom:
"Dodgy Hot Pot"
(either that or they just put new towels in the loo)

Callum tells Sarah he's not interested in Gemma from the sketchy tavern:
"She's half the reason it's called the Dog and Gun"
(ask Max about the 'gun' part)

Eileen describes her major preoccupation to Michael:
"Upsetting Gail unnecessarily has been my life's work"
(it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it)

Kylie to Sarah re: Callum:
"You're going out with a scumbag"
(no disrespect)

Alya confides in Sinead:
"I've done something wrong. I had sex"
(as long as it's not with Tony, that's fine)

Gail to Kylie about the fact that she hasn't changed despite her past mistakes:
"I'm still me"
(yeah, I think that's the problem)

Max finds a gun and points it at Callum:
"Hey Dad, I'm gonna cap ya'"
(I hate to see kids take the law into their own hands)

Well. Corrie Cohorts, so ends another week on a dramatic note. Hopefully no-one will get hurt and perhaps Sarah will finally figure out that her boyfriend is a drug dealer. Time to go back to Milan I would think. I'll be away from Corrie Central for a few days so next week's update might be late or brief or both. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!

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