Saturday, September 12, 2015

Coronation Street Weekender: The Real Housewives of Cheshire edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Another week, another pummeling in the ginnel. This week it's Tony beating the tar out of Callum based on Jason's foggy memory of who attacked him. By the way, Jason is feeling much better, thank you.

Elsewhere, Crazy Mary talked reluctant Cathy into teaching an art class at the community phonebooth centre. But, somewhat predictably, Cathy goes AWOL and, to make matters worse, she left toast crumbs in Roy's butter (enough of the smutty euphemisms -ed)

Lloyd and Liz take it upstairs (so to speak) after a night of wine, Chinese take-away and an episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. Carla is still gambling away the assets of Underworld even as coz Aidan tries to protect them.

Ty and Fiz continue their vigil of worry about the health of Hope. Rover returns to the Rovers Return and Steve is pleased. Looks like the dog will be a regular (hope he got a multi-year contract with a renewal option from the producers - ed). I wonder what Eccles thinks?

Plattwise, the Platts are not pleased that Bethany went down to the cop shop to provide Callum with an alibi when Jason got beaten up. But, on the other hand, David seems quite chuffed to see Tony drag Callum into the ginnel for a knuckle sandwich - I mean sarnie.

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Lloyd wants to propose some ideas for board games at the Rovers:
"Where is the suggestion box?"
(probably where the sun doesn't shine i.e. the men's washroom)

Cathy recounts a Christmas cracker joke to Roy:
"What South American country starred in Grease?"
(Bolivia Newton John, although I always thought it was Argentina Fey)

Sally and Sean after meeting Aidan:
"I think he was flirting with me"
(You're both wrong. He was flirting with Kirk)

Gail to the assembled Platts:
"I just want a normal life"
(then stop marrying psychos and wackos)

Steve encourages Lloyd to forget about Andrea:
"Come to the pub and get bladdered"
(the cause of - and solution to - all problems)

Sally says the economic downturn affecting Underworld is less than a blip:
"More of a blipette"
(no doubt due to the recessionette)

Sally to Carla:
"The man in the bomber jacket is here to repossess your car"
(isn't that the title of a song by Oasis?)

Liz's plan to cheer up Lloyd:
"I'm going to sing Edelweiss and play the spoons"
(I'm no expert but I think he'd prefer a legover)

Tony tells Callum why he's planning to beat him up:
"I'm big believer in direct action"
(Wouldn't a quiet word suffice?)


Well, Corrie Compatriots, so ends another week on yet another violent note. Will we ever have a Callum-free life on the Street? Although I must say, for a vicious thug, Callum has quite the jaunty, non-threatening walk. More Monty Python than In Bruges. Oh well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more stories about Craig and Caitlin and fewer heartbreaking stories about kids with serious medical problems. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading the blog and have a great week. Cheers!


  1. Wasn't it nice that the Platts let Lily come out of her room in honour of her birthday?

  2. It's so true! (for a while I thought it was Max's birthday since he seemed to be getting the presents). Thanks for the comment. Very astute and very funny.