Saturday, September 5, 2015

Coronation Street Weekender: the posh handbags and power lunches edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Where do I start? The camping adventure concludes (thankfully - ed) wth more deus ex machinas than a Shakespearean farce (stop with the pseudy references - ed).  Here's the 411 (that's better - ed).

Beth and Kirk get lost, go skinny dipping (oh the humanity! - ed), meet a mysterious monk/convict (Eat, Pray, Run) and Beth gets a rash. Sinead, Ty and Chesney go commando (i.e. extreme camping) with Dougie, a discount version of Bear Grylls (think psychotic wilderness Ricky Gervais).

The highlight? Craig finds his kindred spirit (Darryl the Rat? - ed) and spends some quality time with the fair Caitlin. Sinead and Chesney affirm their love over an illicit pork pie and sarnie. The lowlight? Fiz takes baby Hope to the hospital and the diagnosis is anemia.

Back on the Street, Jason is in a coma in the Corrie Wing of Weatherfield General - but he seems to be improving. Eileen and Tony are by his bedside. Max finally reveals to David and Kylie that he saw Callum beating Jason in the ginnel (I'm not surprised. Beating up people is one of Callum's skills on LinkedIn - ed).

Finally, with two and a half offers on the table, Carla decides not to sell the factory (thanks to Roy's sage words). She tells Sally that running a factory is not all posh handbags and power lunches (what am I missing? - ed).

Sally is cheesed off but gets her junior senior assistant administrative job back. Alya is livid. Hunky cousin, Aidan Connor is on the scene and prepared to help with the factory (Vice President of Eye Candy?).

And, last but not least, it appears that Carla and Nick are finally an item (perfect match: he serves wine; she drinks wine - ed).

Now for some lines from the week that was:

Kirk is impressed by Dougie's ability to create combustion:
"Master of fire!"
(Overlord of the obnoxious)

Bethany realizes that she's been used by Mr. Logan:
"Callum's been horrible to me"
(that's one of his best things)

Kirk has a question for the mysterious man in woods
"What made you become a monk?"
(the Coronation Street producers)

Dougie to Chesney and Tyrone:
"You obviously didn't study the Austrian Succession"
(unless that's the name of a car or a kebab)

Carla explains to Nick why she has to leave:
"I'm a pariah"
(yes, but as pariahs go, you're one of the best)

Dougie offers Ty some sustenance:
"A nice cup of dandelion tea"
(hold the dandelions please)

Erica breaks it off with Nick:
"Get Carla out of your system"
(he'll need some red wine, a roulette wheel and posh handbag: stat!)

Max to Kylie upon seeing his biological Dad:
"Make him go away!"
(quick, call David Copperfield)

Carla to Nick on their relationship:
"I will hurt you in the end"
(in that case, you'll need a safe word)


Well, fellow followers, it looks like the end of another week. Frankly I wasn't that crazy about the whole camping expedition. It seems a little, how you say, contrived. But nice to see Craig find a girlfriend. Hope you have a great long weekend and thanks so much for stopping by, reading the blog and spreading the word on social media. Our readership now counts several hundred faithful readers. All the best and cheers!

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