Saturday, January 30, 2016

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the Preston's Petals edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Wasn't it nice of Tracy to name her shop in honour of Billy Preston, the talented keyboardist who played with the Beatles in the 60s (I thought it was in honour of Preston Manning - ed).

In fact, the shameless naming ploy - Preston's Petals - was designed to appeal to chef Robert Preston and it seems to have worked. Tracy and Robert are back together although that could change since Tracy was eavesdropping as Carla and Robert recounted their casino legover night.

Even more complicated is the fact that Nick has agreed to let Robert invest in the Bistro but Carla is against the idea because of the, you know, legover. Elsewhere, Anna gets Kev's motor running in the garage but is caught in the act by Sally.

Roy's mother is not well but is being difficult about home care causing Roy some consternation. Tyrone returns home to Fiz after their falling out over Ty's big debts. Jamie and friend are lurking on the Street bent on revenge against Steff for having Jamie charged for revenge porn.

And, wait for it, the dastardly Phelan is back.

And now for a few lines from last week:

Sally tells Izzy she thinks Anna had a man in her apartment:
"She had a fella there and it wasn't Kevin Spacey"
(well, you got the 'Kevin' part right)

Gail lies to Ken about going to see a Mad Max movie with Audrey:
"We like a dystopian future, don't we mom?
(it's what being a Platt is all about)

Carla to Robert:
"It took you sleeping with me to see how much you loved Tracy?"
(think of it as a compatibility test with benefits)

Dev to Mary re: the mysterious sock he found:
"Since when have you been such a huge fan of the X-Files?"
(the truth is not out there)

Nick to Carla:
"There's nothing more intoxicating than certainty"
(are you kidding? for Carla, even a bottle of red wine vinegar is more intoxicating)

Kirk to the elf who wants is owed money by Ty:
"Elves are supposed to be kind and generous"
(another stereotype bites the dust)

Tracy to Ken:
"I don't care about people"


Well, fellow Corri-nthians, so ends another week with a few interesting indicators of the week to come including Tracy's snooping, the return of Phelan, Jamie and friend in a truck, and some sub-standard construction work going on. Thanks for stopping by and have great week!

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