Sunday, January 31, 2016

Top 7 comments by Gail and Audrey while watching Mad Max Fury Road

You will recall that Audrey said she couldn't meet Ken for drinks because she and Gail planned to see Mad Max Fury Road.

That's a pretty flimsy excuse just to avoid Ken's kind invitation for drinks - so I hope Audrey and Gail do the honorable thing and follow through. If they do go to see the new Mad Max film, these will probably be their top seven comments while the movie is playing.

1. "Isn't Fury Road that little street near the viaduct?"

2. "That psychopathic biker gang leader reminds me of David"

3. "The hairdo on that naked female warrior with the head tattoo is the same one I gave to Nessa for New Year's"

4. "Speaking of dystopian futures, how's Sarah doing?"

5. "When we were in the movie queue, I'm sure I saw Ken buying a senior's ticket for Kung Fu Panda 3 in cinema 5"

6. "This violent, post-apocalyptic landscape reminds me of the Dog and Gun"

7. "The Dog and Gun? Hmm, I wonder if Callum still hangs out there -- or if he's gone underground"

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