Saturday, February 20, 2016

Coronation Street Catch Up: the epicentre of shame and humiliation edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

I've been watching Corrie for so long that when a terrified Polish woman turns up at Underworld, I immediately say: "Oh that reminds me of another story line back a few years when there was a Polish machinist named Kasia who fell down the stairs and died." That was nine years ago... oh my God, what have I done with my life?

Sorry about that outburst. Let's see. Eva discovers a young woman from Poland who is being exploited and has taken refuge in the factory, forced to steal food and wear Sean's Russian coat to survive.

Elsewhere, Phelan sabotages the electrics to guarantee himself a few more days of work at Kev's new garage. Anna is onto him but Kev is unaware.

Aidan and Johnny may be reaching a father-son detente but it's Eva's karaoke version of "Hey Big Spender" which impresses an Underworld customer. Jenny Bradley is found innocent of kidnapping Jack by Corrie's Kangaroo Court but she's gunning for Sally.

Speaking of Sally, looks like she's serious about running for Council. Poor Ken. Poor Tim. Poor Municipality.

And finally, Mary is recovering from her romantic bust-up thanks to the help of experienced man-handler, Erica.

Now for a few lines from the week:

Sally thinks Rita is being too holier- than-thou when it comes to taking in Jenny:
"You're no Mother Teresa, you work in a sweet shop"
(so, more like a Mother Malteser?)

Eva thinks she's being offered a drink by her hostess at O'Driscoll's:
"Would you like a pashmina?"
(no thanks, I'm driving)

Mary corrects Erica's spelling after Erica insists that Mary doesn't need to sew the letter 'H' on her sweater as a sign of shame
"Whore is spelled with a double u"
(Whow embarassing?)

Mary's description of the Rovers:
"The epicentre of my shame and humiliation"
(and pork scratchin's)

Sally promotes her attributes as a model for Underworld:
"Someone once took me for Helen Mirren's daughter"
(adopted, one presumes) 

Sally's election slogan (part 1):
"Need a pal? Vote for Sal"
(I think I prefer Tim's suggestion)

Sally's election slogan (part 2)
"Sally Metcalfe: it's time"
(I still prefer Tim's suggestion)

Tim's slogan suggestion:
"Don't be silly, vote for Sally"

Mary to Liz, Erica & Eileen:
"Among you, the corpses of dead relationships must run 10 deep"
(at least)

Ken to Sally about her election campaign:
"We need to talk about your manifesto"
(let's just say that Karl Marx isn't too worried)


Well, colleagues of Corrie, so ends another week. Phelan is being dastardly. Jenny's got that psycho look in her eyes. Kirk is working harder (but not necessarily smarter). Looks like all is going according to plan. Here's wishing for a good week next week. Thanks so much for dropping by, for following us on FlipBoard and for all your comments and likes. It's very kind of you and much appreciated. Have a great week! 

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  1. I guess it wouldn't increase the clientele of the Rovers if they put your heading on their sign: not exactly a ringing endorsement, but actually quite accurate, when we think back over events of the past half century.