Saturday, February 27, 2016

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Vote for Sally Metcalfe edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

I'm Sally Metcalfe and I approved this blog.

Yes, Sally's bid for a council seat is well underway and she has already appointed a new campaign manager. Norris is in and Ken is out (lucky Ken - ed).

Ken has more serious problems to deal with, namely Simon.  Leanne went to the police to report Simon's vicious football tackle and other incidents of domestic violence. However a video taken of the football incident shows that Simon was innocent.  The police investigation is dropped but Simon blames Leanne and reaches out to Peter (who? - ed), his erstwhile Dad.

Eva is trying to contact the Polish woman who was hiding in the factory. Beth has broken out in a rash. She thought it was a food allergy but - funny story - turns out she's allergic to David... 's hair product.

Phelan is ingratiating himself with Jason. Izzy is buying medicinal marijuana from Erica. Tracy has a showdown with Carla at the wedding fair thinking that Robert and Carla have are planning a legover (they aren't - ed).

Now for a few lines from the week:

Sally suggests a campaign slogan:
"Sally: been there done it"
(especially suited to t-shirts for her ex-husband and Tim)

Sally names three global corporate giants:
"Amazon and Google and the Bistro"
(two are on line and one is on the street)

Audrey scolds David for causing Beth's allergic reaction to hair dye:
"David, you're a trained hairdresser"
(didn't you learn anything during those two weeks in correspondence school?)

Simon explains his behaviour to the police:
"I get angry sometimes"
(so does the Incredible Hulk but at least he has the courtesy to rip off his clothes first)

Mary's slogan for Sally:
"Sally, I'm the friend you haven't met yet"
(if you met her, she wouldn't be your friend)

Eileen to Sally regarding her Valentine's Day disappointment:
"I'm surrounded by useless men"
(and most of them live in your house)


Well, punter pals, so ends another week with yet another catfight looming between Tracy and Carla. I'm hoping Peter will make a return appearance to deal with Simon and I'm looking forward to seeing what Norris comes up with in terms of campaign photos for Sally. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. 

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