Monday, March 7, 2016

Downton Abbey may be over... but we'll always have Coronation Street

Canadians (and Americans) are already suffering withdrawal symptoms after the final episode of Downton Abbey. But fear not Downcast Downtonites, Downton may be over but a little something called Coronation Street lives on.

Think of Corrie as your ‘Downmarket Downton’. Your favourite characters are all there – sort of.

After all, what is Ken Barlow if not a benevolent Lord Grantham (sans money and a decent claret), overseeing his sprawling estate with bucolic views of a vast back alley, an outdoor loo and majestic bins.

And evil Tracy Barlow is much like the not-so-nice, scheming Barrow (before he become annoyingly likeable).

Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham would, of course, be Blanche Hunt, Ken’s mother-in-law who sadly passed away. That role would now revert to Corrie’s contemporary dowager with a sharp tongue: Norris Cole.

Unlucky-in-love career woman Lady Edith would surely be Carla Connor, knicker factory duchess and man-catastrophe magnet.

Think of Roy Cropper, who lost the love of his life (Hayley), as an older, anorak-clad Tom Branson.

Lady Mary? That's a tough one. Could be Rosie Webster if only she had more clothes, more money and more poise (I guess Sally wasted her money on that fancy Oakhill school). Sadly, Rosie moved London. Alya might be a worthy successor - although she's a bit too nice.

Mrs. Patmore? The late Betty Turpin, mistress of hotpots.

Anyway, you get the idea and, unlike fans of Downton Abbey, Corrie watchers never have to worry about withdrawal symptoms after the final episode airs. Coronation Street just keeps on going.

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