Sunday, May 8, 2016

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the prodigal numpty edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Steve's back! There he is in the doorway of the Rovers with a pinata (which one's which? - ed).

But where's Michelle, that 40 year-old picture of pulchritude? Funny story. Michelle was over at Will's, having a nice home-cooked meal and a pre-legover before she came to her senses and came back home just in time. But now Will's broken off his engagement to Saskia (short for Saskatoon? - ed).

Elsewhere, the christening of Baby Harry went off without a hitch except that Mommy Sarah ran off due to the baby's incessant crying. Kaz is back on the Street, recuperating after a military accident. Kate is looking after her and tells Sophie to stay away.

The Phelan vs Todd battle is heating up. Felonious Phelan wants to get some work out of the new Freshco's development so he doesn't want meddlers like Councillor Sally or Yasmeen getting in the way. As a result, he breaks into the community centre in order to prevent a citizens meeting from taking place. But Todd is onto him and his devious tricks.

Cathy's nephew, Alex, is doing a lot of partying and has a John Lennon tattoo (could have been worse, could have been Ringo - ed). Cathy's understandably concerned. Alya intercedes to ensure that Gary keeps his job at the gym and Izzy keeps her job at Underworld in the aftermath of the pot palaver.

And now for a few lines from last week

Sally tells Phelan she is always available to constituents:
"Accessibility is my middle name"
(Sally Accessibility Metcalfe? Has a nice ring to it)

Carla to Tim re: the cellphone in his pocket:
"You do know your backside's vibrating"
(better get round to the clinic, 'sounds' serious)

Steve returns with a greeting for all:
"Buenos tardes amigos"
(Vaya con dios, Steve) 

Sally is not providing 'benefits' to Tm:
"My pyjamas are stopping on tonight"
(phew! we can all breathe easier)

Eileen welcomes Steve back:
"The prodigal numpty"

Steve assesses Eileen's attraction to Phelan:
"You've always gone for the bald bloke"
(she thinks hair is overrated)


Well, Corrie cohorts, so ends another week. Nice to see Steve again but what exactly was he doing in Spain for so many months? Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!

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