Sunday, July 24, 2016

Coronation Street Catch Up: the cappuccino monkey edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Looks like Jason has gone to Thailand leaving Eileen in charge. 

Soon after Phelonius Phelan convinces Eileen to raise the rent on Andy and Steff's flat. The only way they can afford it is to get Michael to move back in with them. What's that you say? You thought Michael was slinging ice cream in a van down by the pier in Brighton? Well, it seems like the market has gone 'soft' so Mikey's back and keeping an eye on Phelan. 

Elsewhere, Sarah has not spilled the beans about how Callum died - much to the relief of David and Kylie. Phew! Bethany however is still getting bullied and seeks solace at the gym. Leanne and Simon seem to be getting along and, more to the point, Leanne and Nick seem to be getting quite cozy.

Amy is giving Tracy the cold shoulder but joins Trace at the cemetery for the anniversary of Deirdre's death and later returns to the House of Barlow. Meanwhile, Gemma's Dog and Gun pals show up at the kebab shop.

Speaking of terrifying incidents, Dev and Mary wind up sharing a room at a luxury spa and, after a night of minibar madness, wake up in the same bed. And, in religious news, Rev Billy has broken up with Sean because he has feelings for Todd and vice versa (who's vice versa? - ed).

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Rita to Todd:
"I've been round the block more times than a Mr. Whippy van"
(and she's a big softy)

Eileen lists one of the dangers of Thailand:
"Cappuccino monkeys"
(apparently they throw expensive coffee at you}

Gail tells Sarah's therapist that she's also been traumatized by Callum:
"I was sleeping on top of him for God knows how long"
(he was dead though, right?)

Mary to Dev regarding the appearance of his feet:
"Hobbits come to mind"
(Lord of the Ringworm)

The spa's back wax hair removal specialist to Dev:
"This might hurt a bit"
(that's like saying the Titanic might have a little too much ice)

Mary wants to share her hotel experience with the world:
"I can't wait to write a review on Trip Advisor"
(be sure to mention the fluffy bathrobes... and spell Alahan correctly)

Tracy to Rev Billy and Todd:
"You're both gay and you both fancy the pants off each other"
(so, no need for them to sign up on


Well, Corriemaniacs, so ends another week. Nice to see Leanne and Simon back and even nicer to see that Simon has stopped hitting Leanne (at least so far). Michael is back and he's in fighting form (unfortunately). Poor Sean has had his heart broken again but at least he gets to visit London. 
Thanks so much for stopping by and all the best. Cheers!

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