Saturday, August 27, 2016

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the Pussydoll Cats edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

The Olympics are finally over. Oh sure, we'll miss Scott Russell's two-hour angst-ridden fireside chats with Donovan Bailey. And that cute TV faux couple of Andie Petrillo & David Amber, not to mention CBC's own favela fella, Ron McLean.

But now it's back to business and Corrie fans had five hours of serious Street watching last week.

So what's new? Well, Kylie was buried. Nice service with traditional C of E music (if Pussycat Dolls are C of E).  In the wake of Kylie's death, David and Todd go mano a mano as Todd learns the truth about Callum's death but Sarah convinces him not to go to the police.

Jason fell off a wall in Thailand and Eileen is worried and jets off to the East. That leaves Phelan in charge of Jason's business and Phelan already has devious plans for getting his hands on Jason's money and is trying to get planning permission for a dodgy development from Councillor Sally Webster. Meanwhile Sean discovers that Todd and Rev Billy are an item and he's distraught.

Steve's been busy trying to make more babies. This time the lucky Wannabe Mum-a-be is Michelle who's pining for a child (one might say a Ryan-heir). Meanwhile Leanne is already pregnant with Steve Jr. and fending off romantic overtures from Nick.

Nick and Robert are having an ongoing battle. Nick tips off the cops to Robert's drink driving. Robert is running the Bistro into the ground. Finally Leanne steps in and negotiates a 50/50 partnership. So Nick's back in as co-owner and Leanne is back as manager.

Craig wants to join the police despite Beth's misgivings. Johnny rents a flat to serve as a love nest for him and Jenny Bradley but Eva thought that Aidan had rented the place to serve as her love nest. Whoops.

Whew! That's a lot of Corrie for one week. Now for some lines from the week that was:

David's instructions about funeral attendees:
"No drug dealers or skanks"
(in that case, might as well hold the service in a phone booth)

Audrey questions the choice of music for Kylie's funeral:
"The Pussydoll Cats"
(an all-cat band I believe)

Aidan adds up the number of pre-Eva relationships he's had:
(Blimey! Ever heard of celibacy?)

Sean packs his stuff and has a parting message for Eileen:
"When you find my Bette Midler doll, could you bring her back to the factory"
(the Divine Missing M)

Tracy shares her childhood ambition with Beth
"I wanted to be a brain surgeon"
(well, she does know a thing or two about blunt force head trauma)

Beth reveals the felons in her family:
"The Goggle Box Four"
(still on the lam I believe)

Sally to Phelan regarding his development proposal:
"I don't want you thinking you're dealing with a half wit"
(then they better talk to another Councillor)

Nick is ready to listen to Robert's deal:
"I'm all ears"
(yes, but are you listening?)


Well, Corriephiles, that's it for the week. It's good to be back. Cheers and thanks for stopping by.

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