Saturday, September 3, 2016

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the 'You're having his baby" edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Well, it looks like the Sperminator is at it again.  Michelle is pregnant and Steve McDonald has broken his own record for fast fertilization.  No wonder Dev's shop carries such a wide selection of pregnancy test kits.

Of course, now that he's a double Daddy (Michelle & Leanne), there are a few tiny problems ahead. Michelle doesn't know about Steve's escapade with Leanne. Nick, who has pledged his true love to Leanne and convinced her not to make that epic journey to Liverpool (56 km via the M62), doesn't yet know that Steve is the father of Leanne's baby. Just wait till he finds out.

More legover conundrums over at Sharif and Yasmeen's house. The happy couple are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary until a good friend arrives to stay because her husband kicked her out. Turns out she's also having it off with Sharif.  Is nothing sacred? And I thought he was getting his exercise at the Victoria Gym.

Over at Plattsville, David soldiers on in the wake of Kylie's death. He buys a swing set (third stage of grief, I believe). Bethany is on diet pills and collapses at the gym and is found out by Gary who is concerned. Gail and Michael are getting along.

Aidan is not keen on moving in with Eva. Maria has a one-night stand with Aidan and then breaks up with Luke.

Let's have a few lines from last week:

Leanne tells Eva why she can't be with Nick:
"I come with a mini-me inside"
(isn't that a bonus?)

Eva to Aidan:
"Mr. Conner, what big hands you have"
(You should see Donald Trump's)

Sally brags about her PR skills:
"I'm getting very good at sound bites"
(but that's not one of them)

Kirk doesn't understand the concept of dolphin-friendly tuna:
"Why would a tuna have a problem with a dolphin?"
(personality clash?)

Sally to the girls in the factory:
"They don't call her Mad Maria for nothing"
(but she was cured at the donkey sanctuary in Cypress)

Norris tries to sell a piece of furniture to a dodgy buyer:
"Let me show you my chest"
(he'll have to remove his sweater vest first)

Note from Michelle accompanying a pair of boxer shorts for Steve:
"more air for down there"
(I think he should stick to briefs)

Liz to Tracy re: her new hairdo:
"Feeling a bit Bonnie Tyler"
(a total eclipse of the hair)

Michelle to Steve:
"My window of fertility is wide open"
(must be why Steve has that glazed look in his eyes)


Well that's it for another week. Looks like we're back to half hour episodes next week on CBC. Thanks very much for stopping by. Hope you have a great long weekend and all the best. 

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