Saturday, September 10, 2016

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the greased used car salesman edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Hey Caz, you know that thuggy guy you got to break into Maria's flat? Why don't you just move in with him? Just a thought.

Elsewhere on the Street, Gail is told that Nick and Leanne are getting back together and having a baby (albeit Steve's baby). Of course, no one knows the truth except Steve and Liz, and Liz can't stand to see Gail's grandmotherly glow (could be indigestion or anemia). Steve tells Liz to stay quiet or find a new place to live.

Elsewhere, Phelan is moving ahead with his con scheme. Eileen has given him 65,000 pounds and Todd is aghast. Of course it hasn't been all smooth sailing for Phabulous Phelan. He has to convince Councillor Metcalfe to support the scheme and bribe Alex with the promise of a new flat.

Over at the factory, it's all kicking off. While working extra time, the crew decide to watch a movie. Jenny snitches to Johnny who lays down the law only to have his staff walk out. Workers of the world, the Rovers for a pint.

And now for a few quotes from last week:

Nick tells the assembled Platts about him and Leanne:
"We're getting back together and this time it's for good"
(can you define 'good')

Gail's not impressed by Nick's announcement:
"You've married her twice before"
(but who's counting?)

Steve tells Liz that both her and Gail get a baby:
"Gail gets one, you get one"
(It's like gift time on Oprah)

But Liz doesn't like Steve's cavalier attitude:
"They're babies, not slices of cake"
(glad someone cleared that up)

Tim to Todd re: Phelan:
"That guy's slippier than a greased used car salesman"
(that's an insult to used car salesmen)

Todd to Eileen re: Phelan:
"Mom. he's playing you like a violin"
(and stringing her along)

Audrey re: Maria's choice of men:
"She's picked some right plonkers"
(an understatement)

Maria to Aidan re: Eva:
"She's like a performing seal"
(but doesn't have Aidan's seal of approval)


Well, Savvy Streeters, so ends another week. How long can Steve keep a lid on the truth about Leanne's baby? How long can Phelan deceive Eileen? How long can Caz deceive Maria?  I guess we'll wait and see next week. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week!

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