Saturday, September 17, 2016

Coronation Street Catch Up: the moronic pint puller edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

What's gotten into Nick Tilsley? He's acting like a cross between Callum (RIP) and Tracy Barlow (OMG).

First he drives hapless Steve to a dodgy part of town then threatens him and demands that he move away (to Devon? I hear there's a house available). All this simply because the gormless love God impregnated Leanne by accident. Oh well, perhaps a nice mini break in Tenerife will help Leanne and Nick sort things out and get a tan.

Craig is upset with Beth. He got rejected from Police Academy (not the movie) because Beth forgot to disclose that Craig's Dad is in jail. Could happen to anyone. Now it's left to Sally to hold a mediation session (talking stick optional). It almost works.

Phelan and his partner in crime are ensuring that Eileen is kept in the dark about their building scam by promoting her to President Emerita of Loos & Bog Rolls (or something like that). Todd is wise to the scam but falls out with Eileen and winds up at Rev. Billy's bach pad/rectory. Fortunately the two have kissed (and kissed and kissed) and made up.

There is a summit meeting between Bethany and Lauren and mothers (and Gary) at school but the issue of Lauren being a Psycho Bully fails to get resolved and both are suspended.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Dev promotes Gemma to assistant manager of the kebab shop:
"You're a valued member of the Alahan team"
(It's the Leicester City of kebabs and hot sauce)

Mediator Sally asks Craig about the fruit he found on Beth's table:
"How did that pineapple make you feel?

Phelan fobs off Eileen with a fake job:
"How would you feel about being our concept executive?"
(not great if the concept is a rip-off)

Sally to Craig after she thinks Craig and Beth have made up:
"Now the healing can begin"
(well, not quite yet)

Tim to Craig on his 18th birthday:
"You can drink, vote, go to jail"
(in that order)

Sean and his factory pals discover that Jenny ratted them out:
"You're a snitch"
(and she's having it off with the boss)

Leanne confesses to Nick:
"I had a one night stand with Steve McDonald"
(hasn't everyone?)

Nick can't believe that Leanne had it off with Steve:
"you're ready to jump into bed with the nearest pint-pulling moron?" 
(hey, hey, he wasn't that near)

Sally to Tim regarding Craig's pet rodent:
"I can't believe I let a rat into the house"
(it isn't the first time)

Maria to Caz re: her fruitless job search:
"Guess there's not much call for trained killers"
(see Tracy, maybe she can help)


Well, patient punters, so ends another week. I'm very excited that Audrey's is a finalist in the best small hairdressing establishment in a grotty part of town category. It's like the BAFTAs for beauty salons. Fingers crossed. Thanks for visiting and have a great week.

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