Sunday, November 27, 2016

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the one-way ticket to Mexico edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

I'm confused by this Caz murder investigation.

Now, I'm no criminal justice expert but as far I can know, a murder investigation generally begins after a body has been found -- otherwise I'd probably be in jail in connection with the disappearance of my Grade 8 gym teacher and that snarky Air Canada baggage agent. But I digress...

So the cops are zeroing in on Maria as prime suspect in the fake disappearance of Caz. The fuzz found a pair of bloody hair stylist scissors (actually fairly normal at Audrey's), and now know about Maria's sham marriage to Pablo. Meanwhile the evil Caz is addicted to watching Maria's flat via a hidden camera (hasn't she heard of Netflix?)

Speaking of evil, the countdown is on for Vinnie and Phelan to skip town with their ill gotten gains and head to Mexico. Michael overhears a damning conversation of Phelan's and tells Eileen but Phelan stays one step ahead - by proposing to Eileen in the Rovers.

On the Platt front, Sarah tells Gary the truth and explains that David's car not only had a full tank of gas but full back seat of gas too: it was basically a second-hand fireball of petrol which injured Anna. Gary punches David and then reconciles with Sarah.

Adam Barlow returns to the Street with a flash car and an expensive 'one drag per cigar' smoking habit. Tracy, Peter and Adam try to see Ken (who's in hospital recovering from a stroke) but are told Ken is only seeing one visitor. Turns out to be his son, Daniel.

Anna has checked out of Weatherfield General and is recovering at her flat at home. Kevin is trying to help out but she's still in a bad way. Faye is going out with bad seed Seb much to the dismay of Craig. And, to end on a positive note, Gemma has been named runner up in the Good Samaritan contest.

And now for few lines from last week:

Phelan to his beloved:
"Eileen, will you marry me?" 
(till Mexico do you part)

Gail is incredulous about Sarah's new beau:
"You're going out with Gary Windass?"
(a step up from Callum I would think)

Adam Barlow bumps into Eva who's carrying undergarments:
"You almost dropped your knickers"
(... and what's a nice girl like you doing in underwear?)

Bethany ponders her future to Gary:
"Social media is a viable career choice"
(hashtag #areyouserious)

Phelan on the phone to Vinnie overheard by Michael:
"...won't be long before were sunning ourselves in Mexico"
(not that there's anything wrong with that)

Well, patient punters, so ends another week and things are starting to finally happen. Phelan's endlessly long scam is winding down. Plans are being made for his quick exit to Cancun and Michael is on the case. Caz is proving to be a certified psycho. 

Many Barlows seem to be converging on Weatherfield now that Ken is in hospital. On the romance front, poor Bethany is devastated by her Mom's romance with Gary as she herself has a touch of Windass fever. 

Have a great week and thanks to all of you for stopping by and visiting. Cheers!

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