Wednesday, February 1, 2017

8 things you'll never hear a character say on Coronation Street

There are some things that you almost never hear our beloved characters on Coronation Street say... like:

1. "Could I have the low-sodium hot pot and a Perrier?"

2. "I would like to exercise my right to have legal counsel present during this police interrogation for murder."

3. "It's so nice to see that kind Tracy Barlow working at the charity shop."

4. "Yes, a casual legover sounds great, but we should take precautions to avoid pregnancy"

5. "Have you seen this hip, new haircut I got from Audrey's Salon?"

6. "Hey, why don't we make this cake run gluten free?"

7. "I tried to tell Norris some juicy gossip but he said it was none of his business."

8. "We're spending too much money at the Rovers and the Bistro, let's economize and stay home."

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