Sunday, July 30, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the cheap, nasty slapper edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

It's the anniversary of Kylie's death and the occasion is being commemorated with ice cream and t-shirts.

Now that charges have been dropped against Nathan, people are getting angry. Craig says he wants to quit the police department after Bethany reveals that Sergeant Slime (Neil) was part of the sex ring. Neil tries to cover up by telling Craig he was working undercover.

Meanwhile Gary and Sarah try to convince Mel to testify and then stumble onto Shona who is trying to convince another one of Nathan's victims to go the police.

Eva continues to rack up expenses as a way of exacting revenge on Aidan. Next purchase? A house. Meanwhile Aidan finds out that Johnny has MS. At the same time, Johnny and Jenny are back together and plans are steaming ahead for the wedding.

Kev ponders some afternoon delight with Erica but has a change of heart and confesses everything to Anna. They decide to move on and make their relationship work but not before Anna marks Erica's cards. Erica is meanwhile not happy with Dev and decides to break it off (so much for cheap and cheerful).

And, it's the changing of the guard at the Rovers as Peter (former alcoholic) and Toyah (former Battersby) take over (what could do wrong?) Liz has a new job at the medical clinic but her reception skills seems a bit (how you say) awful.

Norris and Mary are pretending to be married so they can win a round-the-world trip in order for Mary to visit her son in South Africa (ever hear of Expedia?)

And now for a few lines from last week:

Liz to Rita about her first day at the clinic:
"I haven't killed anyone yet"
(there's still time)

Liz's boss to Liz upon seeing her good luck doll:
"Is this your troll?"
(no, Steve's back at the Rovers)

Mary gives Norris a book about...
"My wants, needs, idiosyncrasies and bathroom habits"
(maybe skip the chapter about bathroom habits)

Anna to Erica:
"You're nothing but a cheap, nasty slapper"
(hey now, she's not cheap)

Rosie to Anna:
"The first time I saw Erica I thought she was a drag queen"
(cage au folly) 

Erica to Kev
"I'll be in the bar at 4 o'clock"
(a.m. and p.m.)
Well, fellow cobble-eroes, so ends another week. Craig is my hero. Let's hope he can deal with Nasty Neil. And who's that friend of Gary who just turned up? Could be trouble. I guess we'll see. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

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