Sunday, July 23, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Otter Hound commemorative plate edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

Hey, have you heard the one about the two knuckleheads who open a law practice?

Yes, it's Grimshaw and Barlow, quasi attorneys at law. Seems both were called to the bar (if the bar is the Rovers). Note that (in contrast to stringent amusement park regulations) customers under 1.4 metres are admitted. 

The litigious layabouts open their "office" (thanks to blackmail cash from Aidan) and already have their first customer: Summer. She wants to sue the hospital for mistreatment of her Dad.  So their client base consists entirely of children? What's next? Will Eccles be trotting in next week to sue Ken?   

On to more serious matters. Poor Chesney steps into the Bistro only to be stabbed by Robert's ex drug dealer. Seems Ches will recover and he's happy to see Sinead at his bedside. Robert comes clean to Michelle about his past and helps the cops nab Rich.

Todd and Billy have this great plan to crash the funeral of Billy's ex. Unlike Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson, these funeral crashers don't succeed so well and Summer is upset as are the evil grandparents who tell the twosome to get lost.

The somewhat tedious Eva revenge drama continues as Eva, and now Leanne, work hard to punish Aidan's infidelity by feigning pregnancy (Eva not Leanne) and racking up monster charges on Aidan's credit card (but, hey, think of the travel points). Their latest purchase is a pink SUV. What's his credit limit anyway? 

Speaking of relationships, Jenny meets dishy Matthew Singh for a drink, egged on by Gemma who thinks Johnny is having it off with Liz. Not so and Johnny finally confesses to Jenny that he's been diagnosed with MS.

Things remain tense between Kev and Anna, as Kev slaps on the aftershave and heads off to a potentially awkward dinner with Dev and Erica

Both Bethany and Sarah are devastated to learn that Nathan has been released and he won't be prosecuted due to a lack of evidence and Bethany remains traumatized by Nasty Neil, the bent copper.

Sally's sister, Gina, spent a lot of money on a plate. It ain't nothing but a hound dog (plate). Nice picture of an Otter Hound though. Apparently it's a collectible.

And a few lines from last week:

Todd & Adam's business card:
"Where there's blame, there's a claim"
(where's there's proof, there's a goof)

Eva to Aidan re: her condition:
"I'm up to here with morning sickness"
(so are we)

Eva to Maria
"You're looking a bit hags"
(must be all that sex with Aidan)

Robert tells Michelle the truth about Rich:
"He used to be my dealer"
(I didn't know you played cards)

Well Corrie co-conspirators, so ends another week on the Street. So glad that Chesney is recovering. Poor lad never seems to catch a break. Have a great week and thank you for stopping by. Always makes my day to have visitors. Cheers.

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