Saturday, August 5, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Litter Enforcement Officer edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

It's official. Brian is the most annoying character ever to walk the cobbles on Coronation Street.

The late Derek Wilton and Norris are positively charming sophisticates compared with bumptious Brian.

His latest officious stunt? Using a megaphone to shame litterbugs and issue fines in his role as Litter Enforcement Officer (LEO). He nabs poor old Roy who accidentally drops a piece of paper. Cathy mediates and the matter is resolved but not before Brian annoys half the Street (she could do better).

But the real story this week is the end of an era at the Rovers. Liz prepares to make her final exit from behind the bar and Steve is packing up and moving on. In come Peter Barlow (former connoisseur of fine spirits) and Toyah.

Luke, Kate and Alya are doing their "Three's Company" thing at the flat which ends up with Luke trying to kiss Alya. He apologizes afterwards but it seems that Alya is falling for him.

Bethany is taking slow steps forward thanks to Craig's support. When Bethany discovers that Craig plans to quit the police, she urges him to stay on. Later there is a nasty exchange between Slimeball Neil and Craig during which Neil admits to his crimes and Craig records the confession.

Plattwise, Shona is helping David find other victims of Nathan and they succeed in finding a young girl but convincing her to help won't be easy.

Nicola wants Phelan to do a DNA test to see if he's really her Dad (maybe she can get out of it on a technicality?) It's like - if your ancestry was 75% Attila the Hun.

Meanwhile the Aidan revenge plan moves into high gear as Adam gets involved and finds a way to have Eva get all of Aidan's assets.

And now a few lines from the week that was:

Neil to Craig re: the truth about his involvement with Nathan:
"If any of this comes out I'll ruin you"
(don't lose that tape recording, Craig)

Audrey to Liz as she prepares to leave the Rovers:
"It's the end of an era"
(everyone - except Peter - raise a glass)

Phelan to Nicola re: his fondness for nature programs:
"I think I've got an affinity with wolves"
(you certainly know how to tell a 'pack' of lies)

Eva confides in her cat about Aidan:
"Daddy is a lying, cheating scumbag"
(and he hates cats)

Brian tells Todd about his new job:
"The powers that be have added litter to my duties"
(sounds like utter rubbish)

Adam to Eva on why she's pretending not to know about Aidan's affair:
"You're acting dumb for the sake of your baby?"
(well, partly for the sake of her baby)


Well, fellow Street Savants, so ends another week. Fingers crossed that Craig can do something with that tape recording of Neil's confession. And perhaps someone will stick Brian's megaphone some place where the sun doesn't shine (I mean the viaduct, of course). Cheers and have a great week!

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