Saturday, August 12, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Kosher garlic bread edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

Look who's back on the scene. Tracy and Amy have surfaced just in time for Tracy to set up a play date for Amy with young Summer who is now living with Todd and Billy, following a showdown between Billy and Summer's mean Grandma.

Toyah is inconsolable after learning that her latest round of IVF has not worked. Not only that but her fertility clinic specialist tells her that she has a minimal chance of pregnancy and recommends no further IVF. The fact that Leanne keeps updating Peter on the situation doesn't help. Oh, and Leanne just received 25,000 pounds from Nick.

Liz has workplace problems as she deals with officious workplace bully boss, Moira. Over at Sally's, Gina has received a bunch of forwarded mail which could be unpaid bills.

Troubles mount at the Bistro. Daniel writes an article for the Weatherfield Gazette about the front- stabbing of Chesney. Bistro business takes an immediate dive, Legal weasel Adam convinces Ches to let him put the squeeze on Robert for compo.

Robert goes AWOL on a gambling and drinking binge while a vandal spray paints the restaurant which terrifies Michelle. And, to make matters worse, an arsonist throws a Molotov cocktail at the Bistro.

Since they're pretending to be married (in order to win a contest), Mary cuts to the chase and proposes to Norris. Meanwhile, over at the Grimshaw's, Eileen prepares some authentic Jewish cuisine for Nicola who comes by to collect a DNA sample from Phelan for a paternity test. Oy Vey!

 And now a few lines from the week that was:

Headline of Gazette article about the Bistro stabbing:
"No go Bistro"
(seems people with reservations... have reservations)

Robert upon learning that Adam is representing Chesney
"He better be useless as I think he is"
(don't worry; he is)

Mary to Norris:
"Norris Cole, will you marry me?"
(till contest do us part)

Alya is disgusted to discover that Eva is getting an office job at Underworld:
"Does anybody round here get a job on merit?" 

Todd looks over Eileen's quasi-kosher spread:
"That old Jewish favourite: garlic bread"
(like manna from Freshcos)

Liz's parting speech at the Rovers:
"I have loved every minute of working here"
(we've loved it too)


Well, Corrie Compadres, so ends another week with the Bistro in turmoil and under attack. Toyah is distraught. Liz is suffering under the reign of terror of Moira. Gail is snippy because of Nick's largesse to Leanne. Todd and Billy are learning how to be parents of a teenager. Oy vey, again! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. 

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