Friday, June 5, 2009

leaning towards Tony... Soprano

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 4 episode on CBC

In yesterday's post, I assessed the business methods of Tony Gordon and wondered if he was a bona fide gangster (a la Tony Soprano) or more of an inefficient poser (a la Tony the Tiger). After Thursday's episode, I think I have my answer. Mr. Gordon is taking it up a notch on the scale of criminality and is starting to seem like a guy who would fit right in with the Soprano mob.

On a routine visit to the house of the old man who is holding up the luxury flat project, Tony waves a cheque and does his usual shtick only to witness the poor old fella fall to the floor in pain, while clutching his arm. Tony is not impressed and becomes impatient (after all, he's been making more visits to this house than a homecare nurse). "Spare me the fake heart attack routine," he says with scorn.

Of course, it's the real thing and Tony reveals his true nature by taking full advantage. Oh sure, he summons an ambulance - after a while. And, just to top it all off with a genuine touch of Dr. Evil, the 'Tonemeister' picks up the poor old gent's cat and strokes the kitty fondly. Can there be any more clear indicator of a very bad man?

As I say, this act propels Tony to a much higher level on the Coronation Street scale of evil criminals. How much further will he go? Will he reach the same heights as Alan Bradley (Rita Sullivan's psycho suitor/con artist who was killed by a tram in the pleasant seaside resort of Blackpool) or serial killer/insurance broker Richard Hillman? Or will he just hover somewhere above the Terry Duckworth level? We can only wait and see.

Meanwhile, back in the Rovers, Auntie Pam is trying to rig a church raffle. Is there no end to this litany of perverse villainy? O tempora O mores!

That's it for the week. Enjoy the weekend and I'll be back next Tuesday.

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