Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Minnie tribute & a maxi flirt

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 8 episode on CBC

Only the hardest of hearts would fail to be moved by the touching tribute to Minnie Caldwell on Friday's episode. Many longtime fans remember Minnie as one of the show's original and most endearing characters with a shy exterior, a heart of gold and the mettle to endure the company of acid-tongued Ena Sharples. You can find more info on these legendary characters at one of the more authoritative and reputable Corrie sites out there (not this one - ed).

Minnie makes a surprise 'appearance' when the old man who suffers a Tony Gordon-induced heart attack is in hospital recovering and perusing a few of his precious momentoes. One souvenir is a photo of our dear Minnie. It seems that the old man is Jed Stone, one of Minnie's lodgers back in the 1960s. It's a nice touch for veteran fans and serves to reinforce the fact that Tony is one bad dude.

Meanwhile, the puzzling combo of Prem and Nina continue to spend their valuable time dropping by the street for little or no reason. At Tony's smarmy champagne event to celebrate the opening of his swanky Victoria Court flats, there they are sipping flutes of sparkling 'Cuvee Rovers' while Rosie struts around in a full-length thong, pouting and serving guests. At Dev's 'signature store', the couple are forever popping in for a chat (doesn't Prem have a carpet and flooring empire to run?). I guess when you need some mints, you both have to jump into your Jaguar and head to an out-of-the-way backstreet corner store. But then, as the googly-eyed Nina, Queen of the Sexual Innuendo (TM) points out, "It wasn't the mints I wanted."

What's with that woman? She could make a breakfast order at Roy's Rolls sound like a line from Last Tango in Paris, "I'll have the full English, Roy... if you know what I mean."

Come to think of it, that would be a bit suggestive.

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