Wednesday, June 10, 2009

O Jackie

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 9 episode on CBC

Ever consider how many denizens of Coronation Street have spent time behind bars?

It's quite an impressive list. Let's see: there's Steve McDonald (chip off the old block), Kevin Webster (for assaulting John Stape), Deirdre Barlow (remember her bigamist beau?), Tracy Barlow, Becky Granger and David Platt. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone but let's just say we have enough convicted felons to justify the construction of a mininum security detention facility on the Red Wreck (quick, call Tony Gordon).

Now, it seems, we might have hit the 'jailbird jackpot' with the possible return of the irrepressible Jackie Dobbs, Tyrone's mom. Although my memory may be failing me (not to mention your writing - ed), I remember Jackie as a sparkplug and great catalyst for action on the Street.

Jackie got her big break when she shared a prison cell with Deirdre Barlow. That in itself was worth the price of admission. They were the unlikeliest of, how you say, bedfellows. An experienced prison habituee, Jackie was kind enough to show Deirdre the ropes and help her survive P4 women. Then, one day, Jackie suddenly appeared on the Street. It was payback time. She wasted no time catching up on old times with Deirdre, then becoming a squatter in Curly Watts house and leveraging her criminal ways. Soon her young son (Tyrone) was on the scene and they were a great twosome. Tyrone remains loyal to his mom in a sweet way. He points out to Molly that his mom is not a criminal except for shoplifting, robbery and, oh yeah, assault. Priceless.

Jackie has been hanging out in 'Spain' for quite a while (like Steve's brother Andy) In Coronation Street terminology, Spain is usually code for a holding area for characters who may return for cameos (as opposed to Canada which is usually code for banishment to an icy wasteland of no return).

So what can we expect if and when Jackie returns? Fireworks, I would think. Personally I'm hoping that Jackie will outdo herself this time around. Maybe she'll even become a squatter in one of the vacant Victoria Court flats and drive Tony Gordon right round the bend. I'm just hypothesizing here...

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