Friday, June 12, 2009

real men & fake boobs

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 11 episode on CBC

John Stape and Tyrone Dobbs are worlds apart but they have something in common. They are both eliciting some strong emotions and tears from the women who love them.

John's strategy seems to be to 'hang around' on Coronation Street and worm his way back into Fiz's good books. Is this pure manipulaton or heartfelt remorse? That's the question for poor Fiz. Slowly but surely, she is being charmed by his low-key presence and constant apologies. Mind you, she's not completely sold. "You love anything old - apart from Rosie Webster," she says. Ouch.

Despite her reservations and Chesney's disapproval, Fiz is slowly being persuaded that John could be ready for relationship rehab. Julie adds her two cents with a strong endorsement of the ex-teacher and urges Fiz to make a "u-turn". Julie points out that there is only so much doghouse that a man can endure - and she should know because she goes out with Kirk. At one point, she even breaks into song, belting out "on the street where you live" at high volume. (I think Fiz may get back together with John just to stop Julie from any further singing - I certainly would).

While this 'RomCom' ("without the com", as Julie says) is going on, Molly has her own problems dealing with Tyrone's mom, Jackie Dobbs. Jackie sings a sad song and works her con artistry on Molly - to the tune of 1,000 pounds. This was Molly's wedding money but she dutifully parts with it in order to save Jackie from the physical threats of Scary Brian. Poor Jackie just wanted the money to pay for her water bill, didn't she? Well, no, actually she just wanted to pay for a boob job in Majorca. Nothing like a little nip and tuck tourism. Got a problem with that? Molly is aghast and upset. Tyrone disinvites Jackie from the wedding. The result? The wedding fund is gone, Jackie has conned again and Molly realizes just what a "kind, beautiful man" Tyrone is. That's a rare tribute on Coronation Street and Tyrone only adds to his halo when he vows to give Molly a grand wedding even if he has to "flog a kidney".

I'm off to the big smoke (Toronto) for a few days. Back on Tuesday. Enjoy the Sunday omnibus and see you soon.

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