Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brief encounter

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 13 episode on CBC

So now we have the answer to that age-old question which has been causing us so many sleepless nights - Harry Mason, boxers or briefs? Harrisimo has had his comeuppance, tricked by the unlikely combo of Liz and Clarissa. and left with his proverbial pants down. Clarissa takes a few snaps for.. er.. posterity and Liz shows Harry the door - the front entrance of the Rovers. Harry walks resolutely through the bar in just his underwear, much to the delight and cheers of the Rovers' patrons.

"Who ordered the cabaret?" cackles Janice. The humiliation is almost complete. As a sad epilogue, Harry subsequently announces to Dan, that he is leaving the bookie business in his son's hands. Harry is being forced off the Street (Clarissa's terms of unconditional surrender) and with a tear and a hug, he is gone. As Shakespeare might say 'Exit Harry'

Of course, there was one other bit of 'cabaret' going on in the Rovers that night: the battle between Kevin and Rosie. It starts as an argument over Rosie's skimpy attire (one belt does not an evening dress make - ed). Sally plays peacemaker and offers to 'enhance' the outfit saying "Rita's got a lovely Pashmina." (If that's a euphemism, you're in big trouble - ed)

In the course of the public argument, Kevin learns that Rosie has betrayed him and his business by supplying Tony the Tiger with confidential info on Kev's garage. This is the start of a breakdown between the two, one which probably cannot be repaired (Even if Kev gets a new truck? - ed). Fast forward a bit and Rosie has shown her true colours - in a posh hotel room where she lies in wait for Tony.

What kind of brief encounter will this be?

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