Tuesday, September 22, 2009

good dad & bad boyfriend

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the september 21 episode on CBC

First order of business: a large mea culpa (is that one of those fancy drinks with schnapps and a pimento? - ed). In last Friday's post, I said that we found out, via Pat Gordon, that Tony had an ex-wife. A quick word (you mean rollicking - ed) from an enlightened colleague set me straight. It seems that we did indeed already know about Tony's ex-wife. In fact she apparently showed up at Underworld and clobbered Carla. I'm embarassed to say I have no memory of this (mental degeneration from too many Bakewell tarts and pints, no doubt - ed).

So, to the business at hand. At one end of the Street, there's Kenneth giving Peter a hard time about his less-than-stellar parenting skills. Yes, it's true that Peter has a lot to learn (don't be mesmerized by Graeme's Michael Jackson dance? ed), but cut him some slack. He's trying to run a new business, get a legover with Leanne and, um, what's that third thing? Oh yes, look after Simon. I admit, he is making a lot of mistakes but he's making progress. He forgets to pick up Simon, but he remembers that he has a son (advantage Peter - ed). He leaves the poor lad's lunch, homework and swimsuit in the car but at least he knows that Simon has homework, needs food and swims. I call that progress. So where is Ken's positive reinforcement? After all, this guy was a teacher at one of the finest schools in Weatherfield (motto: "semper yobs" - ed).

Meanwhile, at the Rovers, Steve is pursuing the brilliant Mensa-like strategy he has devised for breaking up with Michelle, aka 'Operation Bad Boyfriend'. The problem with this strategy is he has already employed most of the tried and true ways of breaking up. Observe:

Get your mother to move in? Check
Get bladdered and stay out all night with no explanation? Check
Get insanely jealous of your girlfriend's male friends? Check
Indulge in bad habits like smoking? Check
Run off to Spain with no explanation? Check
Lock a bookie in your cellar? Check

Still, I've got to hand it to both Peter and Steve. They are each giving it their best shot and I suspect they'll both succeed -- one way or another.

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