Wednesday, February 10, 2010


spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Feb 9 episode on CBC

What is it about Dev? Mr. Allahan and the term 'bad breakup' seem to be almost synonymous. Dev's romantic escapades have often ended with high drama. Over the years, ex-lovers have threatened him (Thanks Nina), wrecked his apartment and cut his clothes into tiny pieces (Thanks, Tracey) and. last but not least, tried to blow him up with a gas stove (Thanks Maya).

Now some may say that Dev is a little... how you say... 'economical with the truth' and that's why he keeps getting into trouble. Fair enough, Dev is definitely 'honesty challenged' and he never seems to learn his lesson. You would think that after his failed marriage to Sunita (you remember: when he forgot to tell Sunita that he had affairs with practically every woman in every one of his corner shops) that Dev would get it. Or, perhaps when he was turfed out of WAFTA (Weatherfield Area Free Trade Association) or whatever it was called - by Prem. But no, here he goes again and Tara is plotting to make this breakup perhaps the most excruciating humiliation yet.

The set-up is courtesy of Justin, budding artist and shutterbug, who managed to get some juicy snaps of the Devster in the buff and, in the process, answered that thorny question: boxers or briefs? (Actually they looked like the world's largest boxers! - ed). I wonder what Tara will do with those racy x-rated pics?

Well, one suggestion would be to put up a series of the 'Dev unplugged' photos in the gallery. (They would certainly be a noted improvement over the current crop of dreary oeuvres hanging there - i.e. 'Canal at dusk with rusted Freshco shopping cart' - ed).

However, I think Tara is planning something more public (I think you meant to spell 'public' without the 'l' - ed). In other words, don't be surprised if the old Allahan 'jewels in the crown' get top billing in downtown Weatherfield. Could be the biggest municipal event since Alf Roberts was elected mayor...

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