Thursday, July 22, 2010

Selective Sally

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 21 episode on CBC

I'm awfully glad that Sally Webster had a wonderful time in Lanzerote (although, frankly, a Panzerotti would have been cheaper and just as exotic). Goodness knows she can use some 'alone time' with Kev and I'm sure Kev enjoyed feigning sleep/inebriation/sea-sickness/amnesia etc in order to avoid.. er.. undue horizontal contact since he only has eyes for Molly.

But I digress. So Sally returns from the fabbo vacation only to discover (thanks Kelly) that Fiz has gone and married John Stape. Doh! This is obviously a level one alert. Her royal shrillness is royally pissed. Why didn't anyone tell her? And why isn't Kevin doing something? (instead of doing someone - ed). Yes, Mrs Webster is consumed by this horrible news, but hey, what about all the other stuff that went on while she was away sipping Sangria on the poop deck?

Let's review. While you were away, ol' Sal, Rosie moved in with Luke. Luke binned Rosie in the Rovers. Rosie gatecrashed a party and grabbed Michelle by the hair. Rosie was headlocked and thrown in the gutter by Michelle. Rosie tried to set a sex trap for Luke. Rosie was fired from Underworld. Rosie threatened to go to the Tribunal if Luke fired her. Rosie was not fired. Rosie tried to fire Fiz. Thanks for asking, Sal.

The point is Sally seems very selective when it comes to finding out what actually happened while she was away. Maybe she should start by talking to her daughters instead of busting down Fiz's front door every 40 minutes and shouting the odds.

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  1. "Her royal shrillness"- LOL. Good one!!! Mary