Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Work for Kirk

First of all, Maria using Skype™ while in Cyprus? Pull the other one. Although I do believe the factory girls make frequent use of Skive™ while making 'softwear' at Underworld.

But I digress (and with ugly puns to boot - ed ). My plea today is for gainful employment for one Kirk Sutherland. I freely admit that, in this blog, not much space is devoted to ol' Kirkie (I guess that's because it would be considered a waste of space - ed). But, I really think Kirk has been hard done by in the employment arena and that's a shame because Kirk does have some good qualities and marketable skills (although most of his skills have gone to the dogs - ed). And, of late, I notice that Kirk's advice to Tyrone about women is curiously astute (like the Rainman in the body of Dear Abby - ed).

Anyway, for better or worse, I have a soft spot for Kirkie (in your head probably - ed) and I can think of a few job opportunities to be explored.

First and foremost, he really should be at the butcher's shop. I know that Ashley fired Kirk during a downsizing (wouldn't have happened on Fred's watch, I say, wouldn't happen - ed). It's nice for Graeme to have a steady job but Kirk has the chops to slice chops and he should be there at Ashley's aching side.

If not meat, what about being a delivery driver for Tony? I notice that Tone was quick to give Kirk the ol' 'McHeave Ho' when Kirk asked for a job at the factory but as I recall Jamie Baldwin used to do an adequate job driving the Underworld van and I bet Kirk could be just as adequate.

As a last resort, I think Kirk could even replace Nanny McPhee in the Kabin, as Norris' trusty sidekick. Oh sure, Kirk might not have the intellectual heft that Norris seeks but at least Kirk opens his mouth once in a while (even if he does sometimes forget to close it - ed).  Anyhoo, I'd like to see Kirk get a job and soon. Someone in the Sutherland family deserves a bright future and the way things are going, I don't think that's going to be Maria.

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